Grab the Unbeatable Deals for Compatible Brother TN3280 Toners

Amazing 2-Pack deals on compatible brother TN3280Trying to cut down your printing expenses this year??

Check out the high-quality compatible Brother TN3280 toners that have more ink volume than any original one, and will print up to 16,000 pages@ 5% coverage for less than 1 cent a page!

And, all these benefits for much lower cost than you could imagine. Check out the 2-pack deal at PrinterInkCartridges for these toners, only at €58.18 (Inc. VAT).



Unbeatable Value Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink Cartridges Starting From €1 each, this Christmas

Unbeatable Christmas Prices for Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink CartridgesThe very latest high quality compatible Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are now available online for as little as €1 per cartridge plus VAT with low cost delivery across Ireland and the UK. They comes with an ink volume of 9ml for each of the four colours; black, cyan, magenta, yellow and a whopping 19ml for the large black, these ink cartridges are certainly exceptional value for money.

These compatible ink cartridges will run smoothly in over a dozen Canon printers and are generally accepted by the same printers with no issues. Occasionally, when any Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are installed (original or compatible) the print quality may seem a little different with streaks or faded colours. This can be easily overcome by performing a head cleaning operation. The main reason for poor quality printing is blocked heads on the printer and there are usually two ways to overcome this, this will depend on the printer type and how you access the head cleaning facility.

For those printers with a control panel on the face or front of the machine then it will be possible to access the maintenance by selecting the arrow and scrolling to the maintenance tab. Next scroll or select head cleaning (this may be represented by a tool symbol). Select head cleaning and clean heads. This may take a few minutes and the printer will make a buzzing sounds as the ink is forced through the print heads in an attempt to clear any blockage that is causing the poor print quality. The option will then appear to print a test page, select yes or print test page and view the results to determine if another head cleaning procedure is necessary. It may be necessary to perform the head cleaning procedure 5 or 6 times if there is a stubborn head clog on the printer.

The option for those printers that do not have a maintenance interface on the front of the printer is to access the head cleaning procedure via your PC or laptop. The simplest way is to open any document and go to file>print>properties>maintenance>head cleaning. This will give the same result just a different way of accessing the head cleaning and head alignment procedures.

The Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are ideal for replacing individual ink cartridges, for example, if the yellow cartridge runs out then you just replace the yellow and not the full set of five. The great value compatible non-original ink cartridges make printing affordable and cost effective at home and in the office.


HP 364 Compatible High Quality Ink Cartridges Now Available for as Little as €2.94 Each

Grab Amazing 16 pack deal on Compatible HP364 XL Ink CartridgeHP 364 compatible ink cartridges are now available online for as little as €2.94 each, on buying a 16 cartridges pack. High quality compatible HP 364 ink manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand inks offer. And, they are big savings for home and business users alike, when compared to any original brand ink . The ink cartridges work especially well for everyday general-purpose printing. they come with greater ink volumes than the original brand cartridges to offer exceptional value. The HP364 ink cartridge comes in two sizes, the standard and XL high capacity version. The high capacity version is by far the better value of the two and is also the most popular. The ink volume of the original brand high capacity colour cartridge is 7ml while the compatible version is a whopping 14.6ml that represents 100% extra!

The HP 364 ink cartridges work perfectly well in the HP Officejet and Photosmart printers listed below. The latest generation of these cartridges means there are very few compatibility issues.

HP Officejet 4610 HP Officejet 4620e HP Officejet 4622e HP Photosmart C6300
HP Photosmart C5380 HP Photosmart 5510e HP Photosmart 6510 HP Photosmart All In One
HP Photosmart B109c HP Photosmart B109d HP Photosmart B109q HP Photosmart B8550
HP Photosmart B8553      

All in all, if you combine the great price and the extra ink volume of the cartridges, it really is a no brainer that compatibles are the way forward. All reliable compatible HP ink cartridges are manufactured by third-party suppliers, these suppliers endeavour to achieve the same ISO standard as the original brand suppliers. Every cartridge is manufactured to a very high standard with the intention of giving the user, the reliability and consistency, they would expect from the original brand cartridge. The colour prints obtained from the compatible HP364 ink cartridge is fine for everyday general-purpose printing and will be hard to beat for value. On average, the cost of an online HP364XL black original brand ink cartridge is in the region of €20. With the compatible version available for as little as €2.94 the savings to be made over 12 months are too big to ignore.

All good online suppliers of compatible ink cartridges will stand over any sales with a money-back guarantee and offer a full backup if any issues do arise. It’s worth checking that the supplier will offer this service and give you peace of mind if you have any concerns about switching to compatible cartridges.


2 Pack HP CE505X High Capacity Compatible Black Toner Cartridges Now Available Under €45

Grab 2 packs of HP CE505X black toners under €45The popularity of the HP CE505A laser toner has increased in recent months with many users opting to go for the high capacity CE505X version that is proving better value with more pages to print. This black printer toner works with several mono printers and gives good sharp print results time after time. It is especially suited for printing reports and black and white documentation and ideal for the office or the busy home user.

The standard original brand HP CE505A laser toner retails online for around €85 but it’s possible to get a twin pack of the compatible version for as little as €40 with low cost next day delivery! The CE505A compatible toner will print approximately 2300 pages @ 5% coverage but it’s big brother the HP CE505X will print up to 6500 pages. The original brand HP CE505X is €90 to buy online but again, the compatible version is available as a twin pack for under €45. The compatible CE505X will give you approximately 6500 pages @ 5% coverage on paper. A good guide to exactly what this covers would be to base your print on text only and any images will reduce the amount of pages that it will print.

HP laser toner in general is used mostly in office environments and it’s easy to run through a toner cartridge quickly especially if there are some text and image documents being printed. The cost of running the printer can become expensive and it’s always a good idea to consider using the compatible version as they can cost up to 50% less to buy. Some people may have had concerns in the past about using compatible or non-original printer toner but with compatible toner now tested to the same ISO standards as the original brand, the quality and reliability should be the same as the original brand.

There is one instance where the compatible laser toner may give issues and that is with the printing of address labels. It’s possible that in some cases the toner may not adhere to an adhesive label but to our knowledge this is the only instance where you might have cause to use the original brand laser toner. For everyday general purpose printing the compatible HP CE505A or CE505X laser toner is ideal and can reduce your spending by 50% across a typical year if you are currently using the original brand.