HP Toner or Inkjet Printing, Which is the More Cost Effective?

Buy compatible HP Deskjet 3050A ink cartridges at just €38.12Home printing 4 decades ago was limited to low cost inkjet printers with the laser toner printer designed for the office. In more recent times the retail price and the sheer physical size of the laser printer have both been reduced making it an option for home and business. Some black and white laser printers can be bought for under €120 offering useful features such as Wi-Fi and double-sided printing and fit comfortably on your desk!

So how does HP laser toner compare for use in the home in comparison to an inkjet printer. It comes down to the amount of pages your print, the initial purchase price of the printer can be expensive but the running costs for a busy printer can be lower than an inkjet printer. HP are the largest seller of inkjet printers in the UK and Ireland with the HP Deskjet 3050A being it’s most popular printer, while the best selling HP laser printer is the HP Colour Laserjet CP2025.

As a rule of thumb if you consider yourself to print in or around 1000 pages a year then the inkjet printer is the best deal for you. If you print upwards of 200 pages a year then the laser toner printer will be more economical and of course if you print 8,000 – 10,000 pages per year (especially in black and white) then the laser printer will save you an absolute fortune.

Running costs of any printer are crucial and the inkjet printer HP Deskjet 3050A ink cartridges are no exception. These are currently available as both original HP and remanufactured ink cartridges HP301XL Black and colour. The original HP cartridges are manufactured by HP and are costly to buy. The remanufactured version is HP cartridges that have been used, returned empty to a third-party, checked, refilled, repaired if necessary and re-packaged.

Get HP Colour Laserjet CP2025 toner cartridges multipack at only €189Both will work perfectly well in the printer but the remanufactured cartridges are considerably less to buy than the original. It’s the same story with HP Colour Laserjet CP2025 toner cartridges. The original HP toner is expensive but the compatible version can cost up to 100% less. The compatible version of the HP toner is once again manufactured by a third-party company, not HP, and will offer obvious big savings to any business that uses these toners. One piece of good advice to follow is to never buy any printer based on the purchase price alone, always check the cost of the replacement HP ink or HP toner.

The price of print per page should be calculated and more importantly, will the printer work with non-original ink or toner cartridges. The print definition of the inkjet printer is far superior to the laser printer and image printing on photo paper is using an inkjet printer is unbeatable. A big plus for the laser printer and one of the most obvious advantages of printing with a laser printer is the print speed – this vastly out-performs any inkjet printer. Some models of laser printers are also able to perform Duplex printing, that’s printed 2 sides of the page at once. A real time saver for large document runs. Consider buying a printer that is Wi-Fi enabled and will allow device printing remotely from a mobile phone or tablet.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/hp-toners-versus-inkjet-cartridges/

How to Overcome the Problem of Poor Quality Prints from my Printer

Top tips to get rid of clogged printing headsFrom time to time you may experience some poor print quality from your printer in the form of broken text lines or half printed images. This is usually a problem caused by the print head that is located either in the printer or in the ink cartridge itself. The majority of inkjet printers manufactured by Brother, Epson, Samsung, Dell and Advent have print heads located in the printer. These can become clogged with dried ink if the printer has not been used frequently and can lead to poor quality prints. For those of you who only print the occasional boarding pass this will be more of a concern than those who print regularly either daily or weekly.

For the majority of HP and Canon inkjet printers, the print head is integrated in the ink cartridge. The theory behind the logic in locating the print head in the cartridge rather than the printer is that every time you replace the ink cartridge you are in effect replacing the print head. This obviously makes the ink cartridges more expensive to buy and you will usually find the printer will take 2 cartridges, one colour and one black.

In order to clear the blocked print heads you need to perform a simple head cleaning procedure and this can be achieved either through the printer, (if the printer has an maintenance facility) or from your PC or MAC. If you have an interface on your printer you should be able to access the maintenance > Tools > head cleaning. If you have a more basic model of printer that doesn’t have a user interface on the front of the printer simply go to file > print > properties >> maintenance >> head cleaning. It is recommended that you print out a test page following each head cleaning procedure as this will give you the result of your clean. If for some reason the clog on the print head is very sever it may take 5 or 6 attempts at the head cleaning before the blockage is cleared but you should see a gradual improvement on the test print as you progress.

If you have an ink cartridge with an integrated print head it is also possible to remove the cartridge, take a piece of kitchen town and damped with luke warm water and manually gently wipe the area where the ink exits the cartridge. This can help the flow of the ink if there is a blockage that the head cleaning procedure won’t shif but is only worth a try on the intergrated print head ink cartridges.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/print-head-cleaning-tips/

My Printer will not Recognise my Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges what should I do?

Get Useful Suggestion to Fix Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges  Recognition Issue with PrinterSometimes when we insert a compatible or non-original ink cartridge into a Canon printer, it’s likely that the printer will detect this and give an error message to that effect. The message may be ‘non-original cartridge detected’ or non-original Canon cartridge detected’, either way it won’t let you proceed with printing.

The first thing you can do is remove the cartridge and try re-inserting it to see if the printer will recognise it, if it still not recoginise the cartridge then simply hold down the stop button (this is the button with the triangle inside a circle) for 5 seconds. This will disable the printer’s cartridge recognition facility and you should be able to print happily without any further interruption. It may be that the ink volume will not display after you have done this (although sometimes it will anyway) but that is a minor inconvenience when you weigh up the savings on the cost of the ink cartridges. If the printer says the cartridge is damaged or will still not recoginise the cartridge then remove the cartridge and gently wipe with a dry soft cloth the copper area for the cartridge (the ‘chip’) to remove any static that may have accumulated on it and re-insert to see if it will work.

The vast majority of the compatible Canon ink cartridges will work first time but on occasion you might have to try a bit of trouble-shooting to get it going. It’s also possible that the cartridge may be faulty so if you have tried all of the above suggestions then if you have a second cartridge then it would be time to try that. If you don’t have a second cartridge then contact your supplier to see if a replacement cartridge can be issued but make sure you make a note of the error messages that are coming up on the printer each time you insert the ink cartridges as this will help them identify what the problem is. If you are covered by a money-back guarantee then you will have no problem and you will find that the supplier will do all they can to resolve the issue for you but will refund the money to you (after the return of the faulty cartridge) if they run out of options.

All good online ink cartridge suppliers will do all they can to help and usually will resolve the situation and you will be happily printing with Canon compatible ink cartridges that didn’t cost the earth!

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/tips-to-solve-compatible-canon-ink-cartridges-not-recognised-issue/

Unbeatable Value Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink Cartridges Starting From €1 each, this Christmas

Unbeatable Christmas Prices for Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink CartridgesThe very latest high quality compatible Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are now available online for as little as €1 per cartridge plus VAT with low cost delivery across Ireland and the UK. They comes with an ink volume of 9ml for each of the four colours; black, cyan, magenta, yellow and a whopping 19ml for the large black, these ink cartridges are certainly exceptional value for money.

These compatible ink cartridges will run smoothly in over a dozen Canon printers and are generally accepted by the same printers with no issues. Occasionally, when any Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are installed (original or compatible) the print quality may seem a little different with streaks or faded colours. This can be easily overcome by performing a head cleaning operation. The main reason for poor quality printing is blocked heads on the printer and there are usually two ways to overcome this, this will depend on the printer type and how you access the head cleaning facility.

For those printers with a control panel on the face or front of the machine then it will be possible to access the maintenance by selecting the arrow and scrolling to the maintenance tab. Next scroll or select head cleaning (this may be represented by a tool symbol). Select head cleaning and clean heads. This may take a few minutes and the printer will make a buzzing sounds as the ink is forced through the print heads in an attempt to clear any blockage that is causing the poor print quality. The option will then appear to print a test page, select yes or print test page and view the results to determine if another head cleaning procedure is necessary. It may be necessary to perform the head cleaning procedure 5 or 6 times if there is a stubborn head clog on the printer.

The option for those printers that do not have a maintenance interface on the front of the printer is to access the head cleaning procedure via your PC or laptop. The simplest way is to open any document and go to file>print>properties>maintenance>head cleaning. This will give the same result just a different way of accessing the head cleaning and head alignment procedures.

The Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are ideal for replacing individual ink cartridges, for example, if the yellow cartridge runs out then you just replace the yellow and not the full set of five. The great value compatible non-original ink cartridges make printing affordable and cost effective at home and in the office.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/compatible-cli521-ink-cartridges-ideal-for-canon/

The Best Value Compatible Epson T0711 Ink Cartridges on the Market

Best Multipack Deal on Buying Compatible Epson T0715 Ink CartridgesThe Epson T0711 ink cartridge is used in many Epson small-in-one printers and has become one of the biggest selling Epson ink cartridges of all time. The T0711 ink cartridges are black although the printer uses four colours in total, as well as the black there is the T0712 Cyan, T0713 Magenta and T0714 Yellow. The full set of four cartridges bought as a pack is labelled as the Epson T0715 ink cartridges. There are basically two types of printer ink you can buy on the market at the moment. Firstly, the original brand ink manufactured by Epson and the compatible version of the same inks produced by a third-party manufacturer.

The cost of a set of Epson T017 original brand cartridges bought online can cost as much as €50 with a total of 24ml of ink in the four ink cartridges. In complete contrast the compatible version of the same pack of cartridges are available for a little over €1 with low cost delivery when you buy five packs, so that’s actually 40 compatible ink cartridges for the same price as 4 original brand ink cartridges. Not only that, but the ink volume of the compatible cartridges is 52ml and that is over double the ink volume of the originals! No wonder many people have already switched to the compatible version of the T0711 cartridges.

Buying compatible SX215 ink is a typical example of how to save money on your printing using these high quality non-original cartridges that are ideal for every day printing at home and in the office. The compatible SX200 ink cartridges are equally good value at just over €1 per cartridge and again for general-purpose printing it’s the perfect price to pay for your ink cartridges.

In the past some users may have had concerns over using the compatible version of any ink cartridges but there is no need for concern these days as the non-original cartridges are manufactured to the same high ISO standard as the original cartridges. All reputable suppliers of the compatible inks will offer a money-back guarantee on their cartridges in an effort to give peace of mind to their customers. The savings to be gained by using the compatible version of the Epson T0711 for a busy home of small office are massive and can help put a dent in the end of year expenses for printer ink.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/epson-t0711-ink-cartridges-best-prices/

Limerick’s New Printer Ink Shop

Printerinkcartridges.ie are proud to be the new online ink cartridge shop in Limerick. Now open and already we have a lot of new Limerick customers in the business and commercial sector, public and community organisations from schools to local charities and of course supplying many households in Limerick.

Best Offers on Buying Compatible Ink Cartridges in Limerick

Why Have We So Many Customers In Limerick?

We specialise solely in compatible and remanufactured printer ink in Limerick. If you are unfamiliar with compatible ink there are huge cost savings to be made in comparison to brand manufacturers like HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, Advent, Lexmark etc. In fact it can be as high as 50% particularly with HP, Epson, Brother and Canon.

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Epson T1811 Ink Cartridge Outsells all other all-in-one Printer Cartridges

High Selling T1811 compatible ink cartridgeIt’s estimated that sales of Epson printers in Ireland have doubled in the last year alone with the release of several latest all-in-one printer editions. The latest range of Epson inkjet printers under the label Epson expression XP have enjoyed very successful sales due to the initial low cost of the printer. At this moment, there are twenty-one models of the printer, listed below are the most popular sellers in the High Street and online. XP-202 ink cartridges are the most sought after printer ink in this range of printers. They are closely followed in second place by the Epson XP-205 ink cartridges.

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Toner Cartridge Printing and Advantages over Ink Cartridges

The mechanism of toner cartridge printing and its advantages over ink cartridgesWould you believe that a high percentage IT users are unsure what type of printer they have. An Inkjet printer or laser toner printer? A toner cartridge or ink cartridge? That is the question, but both technologies could not be more different. Laser printing does sound technical but the format applied is quite simple. The laser beam formed by static electricity composes the print image to the pattern required. The printer then coats the drum with toner. Many of you may be familiar with toner, it is a powder form that is stored inside the cartridge which is constantly replaced when empty.

The toner powder has replicated a pattern visual of the print image. The printer will then remove the excess powder and the paper has the required printer pattern be it in a powder form. The printer will heat the powder on the paper to seal the finish, removing any loose powder and providing a nice shine exterior surface.

A systematic procedure that ensures accuracy at speed. Hence, why laser printing is the preferred option for bulk printing. Printing high volumes of output in quick time. Generally, laser toner printing is used in industry, as the printing demands, are in a larger scale, whereas, home printing tends to be a smaller scale using ink cartridges.

The term toner cartridge is self-explanatory when we think about how toner cartridges are made up. The toner is made up of plastic and iron, a contrast to ink cartridges, which are, obviously ink. Ink will have a limited life span, but toner will last a lot longer as it will not dry up and become unusable.

Toner Ink Cartridges OffersToner printing is approx 10% of the cost of inkjet printing. Although, toner cartridges and the laser printers are a lot more expensive to purchase, the cost per page is much better than ink cartridges. In fact, the consumables (another term for toner) in the cartridge can print thousands of pages even colour prints. Higher density cartridges can even go beyond thousands, so, the potential and scope is endless.

Print quality is superior with toner printing. The laser technology gives a professional edge, working in a higher resolution. It also looks nicer, often shining and glossy.

Despite the high volume of print and the supreme quality, one may think that the laser printer maintenance costs demonstrate this. Contrary to this the printer support costs are minimal. Designed and build for speed and volume the printers can cope with the demands required.

To summarize, laser printers are very like photocopiers in the methods incorporated. The printing process was actually developed from photocopiers. Photocopiers use a beam of light to through the page to a light sensitive drum containing ink. This ink sticks to the paper as it is heated and applied with hot rollers. A laser printer works the same way only no paper is used initially to generate the content for printing. The laser printing gathers this from the information sent from PC.

Source: http://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/toner-cartridge-printing-and-benefits-over-ink-cartridges/

Finding Non-Original High Quality Compatible Ink Cartridges in Dublin

As original printer brand Dublin ink prices rising and with students back to school imminent, more and more online suppliers are offering high quality non-original compatible ink cartridges as an alternative to the high priced original brand manufactured ink and toner cartridges. Without doubt an increase in the cost of original brand printer ink in Dublin has made more and more people make the switch to compatible ink cartridges. Not only are there big savings to be made by switching to compatible ink cartridges, the reliability and quality at a standard putting it on a level par with the original brand manufacturers ink for every day printing such as menus, reports and documents. Within Google Ireland the number of searches for printer cartridges in Dublin is growing on a daily and puts consumers in contact with many good online suppliers that reliable to serve Dublin with a low cost or free next day delivery service.

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How to Find the Best Value Non-Original Ink Cartridges in Ireland?

Process to find reliable ink cartridge in Ireland onlineAs we search the web trying to find the very best value no-original ink cartridges in Ireland it can be a worry for original ink users who are buying compatible ink cartridges online for the first time. A few things need to be to taken into consideration before choosing your compatible ink, for example, whether the a non-genuine ink cartridge will be compatible with your printer and if they aren’t will your supplier give you an exchange or even a refund? It all really depends on your supplier and any good supplier will clearly indicate what the returns or refund procedure is for any ink cartridges that give a problem. Usually, the first step when you search for ink cartridges using Google, you will be offered the choice of a selection of online suppliers. Some of the suppliers will be advertising with Google and rely on Google picking up on the description you have used in the hope it will lead you to their website. These suppliers will have the words ‘Ad’ or ‘Google Ad’ as a heading indication to you that they pay to advertise on Google.

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