2 Pack HP CE505X High Capacity Compatible Black Toner Cartridges Now Available Under €45

Grab 2 packs of HP CE505X black toners under €45The popularity of the HP CE505A laser toner has increased in recent months with many users opting to go for the high capacity CE505X version that is proving better value with more pages to print. This black printer toner works with several mono printers and gives good sharp print results time after time. It is especially suited for printing reports and black and white documentation and ideal for the office or the busy home user.

The standard original brand HP CE505A laser toner retails online for around €85 but it’s possible to get a twin pack of the compatible version for as little as €40 with low cost next day delivery! The CE505A compatible toner will print approximately 2300 pages @ 5% coverage but it’s big brother the HP CE505X will print up to 6500 pages. The original brand HP CE505X is €90 to buy online but again, the compatible version is available as a twin pack for under €45. The compatible CE505X will give you approximately 6500 pages @ 5% coverage on paper. A good guide to exactly what this covers would be to base your print on text only and any images will reduce the amount of pages that it will print.

HP laser toner in general is used mostly in office environments and it’s easy to run through a toner cartridge quickly especially if there are some text and image documents being printed. The cost of running the printer can become expensive and it’s always a good idea to consider using the compatible version as they can cost up to 50% less to buy. Some people may have had concerns in the past about using compatible or non-original printer toner but with compatible toner now tested to the same ISO standards as the original brand, the quality and reliability should be the same as the original brand.

There is one instance where the compatible laser toner may give issues and that is with the printing of address labels. It’s possible that in some cases the toner may not adhere to an adhesive label but to our knowledge this is the only instance where you might have cause to use the original brand laser toner. For everyday general purpose printing the compatible HP CE505A or CE505X laser toner is ideal and can reduce your spending by 50% across a typical year if you are currently using the original brand.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/hp-ce505x-ce505a-compatible-toners/