Will using compatible HP laser toner damage my printer?

Grab the amazing low cost deals for compatible HP laser toners As more and more businesses are considering making the move to using compatible HP laser toner it appears there is still some doubts about the quality of the compatible printer toner and if the printer will still be viable after using the toner. It’s true that in recent years there may have been some dubious laser toners on the market, maybe poor quality toners manufactured in the Far East but nowadays the quality assurance is there for all good quality toners. All good quality toner cartridges are manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand and in most cases are filled to capacity with toner. This means that the compatible toner cartridge will print more pages than the original brand (the original brand toners are just not filled to the top!).

The main difference between the original brand and compatible brand of toner is the price, in some cases it is possible to save up to 600% for a set of four toner cartridges! The savings to a busy office or home user are immense and this is a saving not to be taken lightly. The evidence is in the price per page that it will cost to print your document. A simple calculation of the number of pages the toner should print (always calculated at 5% coverage which is really an A4 page of text with double line spacing) divided into the cost of the toner.

All good online suppliers of HP laser toner in Ireland will offer a money-back guarantee with all their products ensuring there is no risk to the buyer. It is our experience that apart from a few faulty ‘chips’ on the toners, there is really no reason why the toner should not work perfectly in the HP laser printer. The one exception is for printing large volumes of sticky labels, some of the compatible toners may not adhere to the label material and not print correctly, if this is the case you should certainly discuss it with your toner supplier before you make the purchase.

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