Printing 2016 A4 Calendars Using a Colour Laser Toner Printer

Print your own customized 2016 calendar at low cost with HP or Brother tonerAs 2016 approaches, it’s still not too late to print a customised 2016 calendar, either for the home or the office. If you are in possession of a laser toner printer and, in particular, a colour printer, then printing the calendar yourself should be a fast and simple process. You will, however, need the services of a binder and this can usually be obtained in your local high street print or copy shop who will spiral bind the calendar for a small fee.

The key to printing your own calendar is to, first of all, download a suitable template from the many free online templates currently available. You can decide beforehand if you would like your printer to be A4 or A3 – if your printer will print that size. The beauty of using a laser printer is the speed of which you are able to produce any print whether in black and white or in colour. Of course, these printers will be more expensive than a conventional inkjet printer that is primarily used in the home or a small office. If you can get access to a laser toner printer, then so much the better. There would not be much point in buying a new one just for printing the calendar, as the cost would outweigh the usefulness of the printer for just that purpose.

The cost of using a toner to print the calendar would be minimal as some A4 sheets can be printed for less than half a cent per page in black and white. This is true in the case of HP laser toner and Brother laser toner. This cost is based on 5% coverage of the page – usually with text – and makes it far more affordable than using printer ink cartridges.

Once you have downloaded the calendar template (be sure to check the calendar dates are correct as there are some bogus calendar templates out there!) then it’s just a case of inserting the photo image in position – for example a January winter scene, this should be the first month sorted. Ideally if you have chosen the spiral-bound style you will need to print 13 A4 sheets one side on a light card. You can set all your artwork up first using the template and run them off quite quickly. Once you have all thirteen sheets printed, (there are thirteen by the way as you will require one scene for the cover and twelve pages for each month of the year). Your local copy shop will be able to spiral bind the calendars and this will give them a professional look. A huge tip to save on your printing is to use compatible laser toner where available, the quality is as good as original brand laser toner and you can save yourself a fortune!


2 Pack HP CE505X High Capacity Compatible Black Toner Cartridges Now Available Under €45

Grab 2 packs of HP CE505X black toners under €45The popularity of the HP CE505A laser toner has increased in recent months with many users opting to go for the high capacity CE505X version that is proving better value with more pages to print. This black printer toner works with several mono printers and gives good sharp print results time after time. It is especially suited for printing reports and black and white documentation and ideal for the office or the busy home user.

The standard original brand HP CE505A laser toner retails online for around €85 but it’s possible to get a twin pack of the compatible version for as little as €40 with low cost next day delivery! The CE505A compatible toner will print approximately 2300 pages @ 5% coverage but it’s big brother the HP CE505X will print up to 6500 pages. The original brand HP CE505X is €90 to buy online but again, the compatible version is available as a twin pack for under €45. The compatible CE505X will give you approximately 6500 pages @ 5% coverage on paper. A good guide to exactly what this covers would be to base your print on text only and any images will reduce the amount of pages that it will print.

HP laser toner in general is used mostly in office environments and it’s easy to run through a toner cartridge quickly especially if there are some text and image documents being printed. The cost of running the printer can become expensive and it’s always a good idea to consider using the compatible version as they can cost up to 50% less to buy. Some people may have had concerns in the past about using compatible or non-original printer toner but with compatible toner now tested to the same ISO standards as the original brand, the quality and reliability should be the same as the original brand.

There is one instance where the compatible laser toner may give issues and that is with the printing of address labels. It’s possible that in some cases the toner may not adhere to an adhesive label but to our knowledge this is the only instance where you might have cause to use the original brand laser toner. For everyday general purpose printing the compatible HP CE505A or CE505X laser toner is ideal and can reduce your spending by 50% across a typical year if you are currently using the original brand.


Toner Cartridge Printing and Advantages over Ink Cartridges

The mechanism of toner cartridge printing and its advantages over ink cartridgesWould you believe that a high percentage IT users are unsure what type of printer they have. An Inkjet printer or laser toner printer? A toner cartridge or ink cartridge? That is the question, but both technologies could not be more different. Laser printing does sound technical but the format applied is quite simple. The laser beam formed by static electricity composes the print image to the pattern required. The printer then coats the drum with toner. Many of you may be familiar with toner, it is a powder form that is stored inside the cartridge which is constantly replaced when empty.

The toner powder has replicated a pattern visual of the print image. The printer will then remove the excess powder and the paper has the required printer pattern be it in a powder form. The printer will heat the powder on the paper to seal the finish, removing any loose powder and providing a nice shine exterior surface.

A systematic procedure that ensures accuracy at speed. Hence, why laser printing is the preferred option for bulk printing. Printing high volumes of output in quick time. Generally, laser toner printing is used in industry, as the printing demands, are in a larger scale, whereas, home printing tends to be a smaller scale using ink cartridges.

The term toner cartridge is self-explanatory when we think about how toner cartridges are made up. The toner is made up of plastic and iron, a contrast to ink cartridges, which are, obviously ink. Ink will have a limited life span, but toner will last a lot longer as it will not dry up and become unusable.

Toner Ink Cartridges OffersToner printing is approx 10% of the cost of inkjet printing. Although, toner cartridges and the laser printers are a lot more expensive to purchase, the cost per page is much better than ink cartridges. In fact, the consumables (another term for toner) in the cartridge can print thousands of pages even colour prints. Higher density cartridges can even go beyond thousands, so, the potential and scope is endless.

Print quality is superior with toner printing. The laser technology gives a professional edge, working in a higher resolution. It also looks nicer, often shining and glossy.

Despite the high volume of print and the supreme quality, one may think that the laser printer maintenance costs demonstrate this. Contrary to this the printer support costs are minimal. Designed and build for speed and volume the printers can cope with the demands required.

To summarize, laser printers are very like photocopiers in the methods incorporated. The printing process was actually developed from photocopiers. Photocopiers use a beam of light to through the page to a light sensitive drum containing ink. This ink sticks to the paper as it is heated and applied with hot rollers. A laser printer works the same way only no paper is used initially to generate the content for printing. The laser printing gathers this from the information sent from PC.


I am buying a new printer but don’t know whether to choose Inkjet or Laser Toner

Decide whether to Choose Inkjet or Laser Toner CartridgesIf you are looking to change your printer at work or at home either to update or replace one that has reached end of life, it can be tricky to decide should you stay with an inkjet printer or move to laser toner. Basically, the inkjet printer uses liquid ink that is sprayed through the nozzle in the printer and uses and ink cartridge, whereas the laser toner cartridge comes filled with a dry powder substance that is referred to as toner. printer have their advantages and hopefully we can look at some of the differences here.

There are several things you should consider before choosing you printer for example do you need monochrome or colour? Will you be printing mostly black and white text or high-resolution colour images? If you need to print invoices, statements in black and white then a monochrome laser printer will suffice. Alternatively if you are printing colour images on a regular basis as part of a leaflet or publication then a colour printer would suit and possibly a laser printer if the quantities you intend to print justify the cost. The function of the printer is also important as you may need to scan or copy, an all-in-one printer is ideal for this. If you would like to print remotely you will require a wireless printer so make sure that function is available on the printer you choose.

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