U2 is Back to Surprise the Fans at Dublin 3Arena

U2’s Dublin gigs have sold out in quick time along with 2 concerts in Belfast. Lucky ticket holders can expect something different as the small arena shows are in great contrast to U2’s big stadium shows.

U2 have had a tough year thus far with the latest album supposedly force fed to millions of I Phone users around the world. Bono having a serious accident that prevents him from playing the guitar in the future. But thankfully the new Innocence and Experience tour has changed U2 year for the better.

U2 tour concert at 3Arena

The line up combines the new material with all the old classics. But in a very personal context and theme. Old movies and animations from the bands earlier years proved very striking and effective.

In fact some of the video and 3D effects provide a real treat. Bono and Edge seemingly interacting with the video animation. Very expensive I’m sure to create but worth every penning for all the fans.

Again U2’s ability to keep things fresh has led to good reviews from the USA leg of the tour. Highlighting with 10 nights in a row in Madison Square Garden all sold out.

If you are going to the Dublin Gigs remember we have ink for high pixel concert images in our Dublin ink shop. Really capturing the moment from 3Arena Dublin.

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Microsoft Now Ireland’s Highest Exporters

Microsoft has been named as the highest exporting company in Ireland, taking over from Google who previously held the accolade, in 2015.

Increasing the turnover by 3 billion Microsoft performance has out performed it’s rivals with 1 billion to spur. This improvement can be seen right across the board with exporting figures continuing to climb over last few years. Signs that the economy is growing which will have a positive effect on employment opportunities in Ireland.

Microsoft leading Ireland’s export sector in year 2015

The exporting sector has been credited with the upturn in the Irish economy. After the property bubble burst in 2008, the economy was in freefall for a number of years. Multi national companies, like Google and Microsoft, investing heavily in Ireland, taking advantage of the light taxation laws, with up side of this creating more jobs and generating tax revenue for the country. Technology companies in particular have made base in Ireland with Dublin being crowned the tech capital of Europe.

Engineering business have seen a rise in the back of the multinational success. With more investment being made, which is feeding into infrastructure development. The service industry has also improved with more people working the services that go with this flourish. Food services like Cafe’s and restaurants. Business services like Solicitors, Accountants, Stationery, ICT benefit. Ink Shops in Ireland achieved growth in this period. Some Irish Ink online business have diversified their sales into the technology area. Laptops, Mobiles and PCs can be purchased on many of these websites. A practise we may see a lot more off with businesses trying to target other sectors where the demand and rewards are greater.

Source: http://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/microsoft-highest-exporter-of-ireland-2015/

Dublin’s O’Connell Street Celebrations

Dublin celebrated Sam Maguire’s return to the capital county for 2015. A massive night of celebrations is starting with a welcome party on O’Connell street this evening.

Following their comprehensive 3 point victory over Kerry, all be it on the scoreboard, a huge crowd came out to the city centre to welcome Dublin’s Hero’s. Supporters turn out in their thousands and were greeted to nice dry weather following the horrible conditions that lasted right through Sunday’s All-Ireland decider. After a full years football picking up the O’Byrne Cup, National League and the Sam Maguire it was now time to party.

Dublin’s winning celebration at O’connell street

The stage was built on the top of O’Connell Street and the fans and players enjoyed the atmosphere. In fact, they were treated to some wonderful songs from the players which were quite impressive considering the long night on Sunday night. I’m quite certain there would have very little sleep and maybe a few drinks here and there.

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The Tactical Battle – GAA’s Showpiece Dublin V Kerry

Let the rivalry begin or should we say recommence. Yes, Dublin v Kerry in the All-Ireland Final, the glamour team against the aristocrats, the two most successful teams of our generation.

Kerry with all the history, pedigree and experience going for two in a row. It has not been achieved since the great Cork team of the eighties. Larry Thompkins and co brought the Sam Maguire back to Munster two years running. Wouldn’t it be fitting if Corks great rivals were the next team to manage such a feat.

Dublin v Kerry in the All Ireland Football Final

Dublin aiming to spoil the party, of course, with the Hill 16 in full voice that 16 men could make all the difference.

Increasingly these big games are being decided by tactics. Both managers will analysis the opposition to fine detail. Kerry has proven they can win playing open football, but if things get nasty Kerry will not be found wanting. Ask Donegal in 2015 or Tyrone in 2015 semi final. The ability to play and win both ways make the approach that much harder for Dublin. Closing down space, keeping things tight against Kerry just won’t cut it. Kerry can adapt and will get scores from midfield and attacking half backs. So paying special attention to Kerry forwards like Gooch and co will only leave space for others.

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Kristina Rihanoff Happy with Daniel O’Donnell’s start on Strictly Come Dancing

Daniel Odonnell on Strictly Come DancingKristina Rihanoff Daniels strictly come dancing partner has given the thumbs up so far to Daniel after the first weeks practice. Yes, Daniel dance will be happy and by the sound of Kristina Rihanoff can look forward to some good dancing routines in the strictly come dancing live shows.

Yes, I know we are usually blogging about T1811-4 or 18xl cartridges but starting this week we will be blogging about all the latest news, gossip and sport happening in Ireland.

First up Daniel on Strictly, what better way to start. The first weeks training has gone really well and Kristina Rihanoff is so proud of Daniel and the progress he is making. Daniel has said he hopes the get shape for the show, believing he may not look to bad at the moment, but he is holding his stomach to look slimmer. Though with the intensive training schedule in place Daniels hopes should come to fruition. Previous contestants have managed to get in great shape and wow the audience and viewers. So Daniel fans look out.

The singing sensation did express his worries for whatever dance trainer got him. As only Daniel could say “God help whoever gets me”. But sounds like Kristina Rihanoff is pretty happy with her partner. If Daniel can match his singing charm and guile will then the sky’s the limit as to how far in the series Daniel will go.

Bookies have made the 53-year-old a rank outsider, but Daniel has expressed his passion for dancing, so bookies watch out. Daniel has said he can dance and we can all vouch for that having watched him perform on stage so well down through the years. However, the singer does worry the discipline required for practising the various routines week to week May cause him problems. His life is obviously very busy as well as being a world-renowned singer, Daniel is also a Hotel owner in his native Donegal so finding the time for training may become an issue.

Though Daniel is very proud to be on Strictly Come Dancing considering not many people have had the privilege and determined to make the most of it and go as far as possible on Strictly. Having sold over 10 million records with 20 albums, Daniel is used to success so who would dare write him off from going all the way. Having just returned from a holiday break abroad Daniel is rested, the battery’s charged and raring to go.

The competition is tough as every year with performers from actors to singers, but Daniel is looking forward to working with people that generally he would not work with because of the range of careers.

There are singers contestants but their careers or so diverse Daniel never gets the chance to perform with these type of artists. This will be something new for him as well as very exciting. If you want to capture the moments from Strictly 2015 you can print still images from Google using the T1811-4 or 18xl cartridges. Ideal for printing the high pixel images and for large volumes too.

Let’s get behind Daniel and get voting. Who knows Daniel could be our first Irish winner in Strictly….long overdue as we know the Irish can dance with the best of them.

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Printer Ink Cartridges’s Facelift with Modern Look and all Devices Compatibility

We are pleased to announce that we have redesigned our website Printerinkcartridges.ie to add a new look and additional information. We have completely renewed our layout with simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility in mind and most important mobile responsive. The main highlight is our latest bestselling and clearance product sections which will enable user to quickly view product details. And our new “Quick Cartridge Search” feature definitely will surprise you and ease your shopping experience. From start to finish the page is user friendly and very approachable.

Experience the New & Responsive Web Design of Printerinkcartridges.ie

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