Most popular New Year Resolutions for 2016

2016 is fast approaching and the most popular New Year resolutions are out in force. Colonic irrigation? Sounds painful but increasing in popularity in Ireland, taking out gym membership? – An oldie but still a favourite or just promising to binge-watch the latest box set favourites such as Breaking Bad or Homeland? Of course each year brings personal goals for many Irish people but the old favourite has to be losing weight and getting back in shape.

Make a list of Popular 2016 New Years Resolutions to get Realistic Target this Year

Once the holidays are over and the last of the turkey and ham is gone, what other ways are we pledging to be better people, and make a difference to our own and the lives of others? It’s true that old habits die hard and just a many people this year as last will say that getting fit is their number one priority. Top of the list of our New Year resolutions is to stay fit and healthy with losing weight coming a close second. Spending less money and trying to save more is also popular, closely followed by spending more time with family and friends. Lots of people promise to be more organized in 2016 and of course promise to travel more or indeed learn a new language in an effort to exercise their brain!

Comparing this years popular New Year resolutions with last year shows there’s no much difference in the choices of resolution but it’s interesting that most people who undertake to lose weight don’t actually follow a recognized weight loss plan. It’s certainly well documented that RTE’s Operation Transformation will be a big help to many thousands of Irish people who decide that this year they want to lose some weight and get some support while they are doing it. It’s thought that a lot of the issues with weight loss and diets in general are the fact that people continue to snack and undo all the good work they started. On top of this people are also using the latest smart technology to help improve and motivate their weight loss. Of course there is an app for almost everything these days and weight loss is no exception.

Apart from the very popular heart-monitoring apps, the latest trend is calorie trackers, complimented with energy bars and protein drinks. With apps available either for your smart phone or watch, there’s no getting away from the fact that there is no real excuse not to stick to your 2016 New Year resolution and reach a realistic target.


Printing a Colourful Personalised 2016 Wall Planner for Home or the Office

Printing a personalised wall planner or calendar for 2016 can be fun when you personalise the artwork. It’s simple enough task to make the wall planner by printing it on your own home or office printer. Start with downloading a template from the internet preferably in Microsoft Word and begin by marking off the important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries (pretty much the same way as you would on a standard calendar. If for example it is a birthday of a loved one or friend, insert a photo of the person for that date and have a visual reminder of the person as well as the date.

Make your own Personalised Wall Planner with Compatible Ink Cartridges

Kids will love the idea of having their photo on a wall planner or calendar and will look forward to the important date (usually their birthday) with extra enthusiasm especially when they come to the month of the year that is most important to them. Another suggestion is to have Christmas Day represented with a photo from the previous years visit to Santa’s Grotto, the kids will be madly excited for this to be revealed in pictures!

The size of the wall planner may be determined by the output of your printer. If your printer prints A3 sheets then a wall planner template for that size will be necessary and obviously the printer will print to that size. If your printer is A4 then it will be possible to print two A4 prints and tape them together to make them up to A3 size. Depending on the amount of images that you have in your wall planner, the printer may use a lot of ink but if you are using compatible ink cartridges then the cost to you will be minimal. Most of today’s printers will accept the non-genuine compatible ink cartridges without any real issues and with the cost a fraction of the price of the original brand cartridges all your printing will be very affordable

A nice glossy finish on the paper will further enhance any images on the print whether it’s for a wall planner or a calendar. You can buy the paper, matt or glossy, online or locally and set your printer to print glossy or matt through your printer properties. If you use the correct corresponding setting for the type of paper you are using the quality of the print will be so much better as the printer will distribute the ink according to the paper type.

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Printing 2016 A4 Calendars Using a Colour Laser Toner Printer

Print your own customized 2016 calendar at low cost with HP or Brother tonerAs 2016 approaches, it’s still not too late to print a customised 2016 calendar, either for the home or the office. If you are in possession of a laser toner printer and, in particular, a colour printer, then printing the calendar yourself should be a fast and simple process. You will, however, need the services of a binder and this can usually be obtained in your local high street print or copy shop who will spiral bind the calendar for a small fee.

The key to printing your own calendar is to, first of all, download a suitable template from the many free online templates currently available. You can decide beforehand if you would like your printer to be A4 or A3 – if your printer will print that size. The beauty of using a laser printer is the speed of which you are able to produce any print whether in black and white or in colour. Of course, these printers will be more expensive than a conventional inkjet printer that is primarily used in the home or a small office. If you can get access to a laser toner printer, then so much the better. There would not be much point in buying a new one just for printing the calendar, as the cost would outweigh the usefulness of the printer for just that purpose.

The cost of using a toner to print the calendar would be minimal as some A4 sheets can be printed for less than half a cent per page in black and white. This is true in the case of HP laser toner and Brother laser toner. This cost is based on 5% coverage of the page – usually with text – and makes it far more affordable than using printer ink cartridges.

Once you have downloaded the calendar template (be sure to check the calendar dates are correct as there are some bogus calendar templates out there!) then it’s just a case of inserting the photo image in position – for example a January winter scene, this should be the first month sorted. Ideally if you have chosen the spiral-bound style you will need to print 13 A4 sheets one side on a light card. You can set all your artwork up first using the template and run them off quite quickly. Once you have all thirteen sheets printed, (there are thirteen by the way as you will require one scene for the cover and twelve pages for each month of the year). Your local copy shop will be able to spiral bind the calendars and this will give them a professional look. A huge tip to save on your printing is to use compatible laser toner where available, the quality is as good as original brand laser toner and you can save yourself a fortune!