Free Reward Star Chart for School Holidays

Kids Star Chart

Half-term holidays for schools is once again upon us What about a FREE star chart to help keep the youngsters busy during the holidays When it comes to checking your child’s behaviour there’s really nothing like a reward chart. The daily reward chart keeps a record of your child’s good behaviour and deeds to help keep the day tantrum free. They say that a little bribery can go a long way with children, rewards being one of most useful parenting tools. The child can complete the chart on a daily basis and as they finish each chore they can record it on the Star Chart. Your reward for good behaviour can be a box or bag of fun usually got from the local Pound Shop or simply a Lucky Dip from the same shop!

Some useful tips on how to best run a reward chart*.

1. Try to concentrate on one behaviour at a time.

2. Make sure the behaviour is achievable by the child

3. Chat to the child about the behaviour and work with them.

4. Maybe allow the child to choose the reward – something they will enjoy like a trip somewhere.

5. It’s a good idea to give the child a sticker hone they have achieved a particular task.

6. This is usually suitable for children above the age of 3.

* Theses tips on improving behaviour with Star Charts are suggestions only.

Top Tip: Don’t forget, make sure you use your compatible ink cartridges so you don’t break the bank when printing your FREE Star Chart!


Epson T1811 Ink Cartridge Outsells all other all-in-one Printer Cartridges

High Selling T1811 compatible ink cartridgeIt’s estimated that sales of Epson printers in Ireland have doubled in the last year alone with the release of several latest all-in-one printer editions. The latest range of Epson inkjet printers under the label Epson expression XP have enjoyed very successful sales due to the initial low cost of the printer. At this moment, there are twenty-one models of the printer, listed below are the most popular sellers in the High Street and online. XP-202 ink cartridges are the most sought after printer ink in this range of printers. They are closely followed in second place by the Epson XP-205 ink cartridges.

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How to search for and where to find the best value compatible Epson printer ink cartridges in Ireland

How and where to look for ink cartridges in IrelandUsing Google as a way to find the lowest priced ink cartridges in Ireland is still your best bet when you consider the market share they have of the search engines currently available. Searching for a particular brand of ink cartridge such as Epson will narrow your search even further and further again if you insert your printer model or cartridge number. The first priority with most people searching online for inkjet cartridges is the price. The cost of buying either an original brand or a non-original generic cartridge will vary greatly with the best value, unquestionably. When you have researched with what you consider to be the best price then the thing to look for is the cost of delivery.

Sometimes the cost of delivery from the UK to the ROI can be almost as much as the cost of the ink cartridge and even worse it can a week to arrive! You should ideally be looking for an Irish supplier who will deliver at either a very low cost or possibly even offer free delivery. This is not uncommon and does exist in Ireland, sometimes, with an order that is priced above a certain value. Nevertheless, this is worth considering if it will get you free delivery.

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How to Find the Best Value Non-Original Ink Cartridges in Ireland?

Process to find reliable ink cartridge in Ireland onlineAs we search the web trying to find the very best value no-original ink cartridges in Ireland it can be a worry for original ink users who are buying compatible ink cartridges online for the first time. A few things need to be to taken into consideration before choosing your compatible ink, for example, whether the a non-genuine ink cartridge will be compatible with your printer and if they aren’t will your supplier give you an exchange or even a refund? It all really depends on your supplier and any good supplier will clearly indicate what the returns or refund procedure is for any ink cartridges that give a problem. Usually, the first step when you search for ink cartridges using Google, you will be offered the choice of a selection of online suppliers. Some of the suppliers will be advertising with Google and rely on Google picking up on the description you have used in the hope it will lead you to their website. These suppliers will have the words ‘Ad’ or ‘Google Ad’ as a heading indication to you that they pay to advertise on Google.

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Search Smartly for Ink Cartridges in Ireland by using Long Tail Search Terms

Search Online for Best Value Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges in IrelandUsing Google is still the best way to find replacement ink cartridges in Ireland. Searching online brings the best deals and by doing a ‘smart’ search the chances of finding the best deals are increased considerably. The ‘smart’ search involves knowing how to use the search engine most effectively. If you search the term ‘ink cartridges’ then you are likely to bring up all the suppliers of ink cartridges in Ireland and the UK, if you add the word Ireland to the search you will usually reduce the amount of results to those who are located in Ireland only. Try using a ‘long-tail’ search term, i.e. a phrase that incorporates the product you are looking for and also asks a question at the same time. For example, if you require a compatible Canon ink cartridge CLI526 Black, then use a broad search term such as ‘where can I find the cheapest Canon CLI526 Black ink cartridge‘. This will help Google match your results more accurately with your enquiry.

Original brand Canon inkjet cartridges are very expensive and finding good replacement non-original ink can be a difficult task. Many people are put off by horror stories of compatible and refilled cartridges on the market damaging their printer. A good quality compatible or remanufactured ink cartridge will not damage your printer and give perfectly good results for general every day printing.
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