Will using compatible HP laser toner damage my printer?

Grab the amazing low cost deals for compatible HP laser toners As more and more businesses are considering making the move to using compatible HP laser toner it appears there is still some doubts about the quality of the compatible printer toner and if the printer will still be viable after using the toner. It’s true that in recent years there may have been some dubious laser toners on the market, maybe poor quality toners manufactured in the Far East but nowadays the quality assurance is there for all good quality toners. All good quality toner cartridges are manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand and in most cases are filled to capacity with toner. This means that the compatible toner cartridge will print more pages than the original brand (the original brand toners are just not filled to the top!).

The main difference between the original brand and compatible brand of toner is the price, in some cases it is possible to save up to 600% for a set of four toner cartridges! The savings to a busy office or home user are immense and this is a saving not to be taken lightly. The evidence is in the price per page that it will cost to print your document. A simple calculation of the number of pages the toner should print (always calculated at 5% coverage which is really an A4 page of text with double line spacing) divided into the cost of the toner.

All good online suppliers of HP laser toner in Ireland will offer a money-back guarantee with all their products ensuring there is no risk to the buyer. It is our experience that apart from a few faulty ‘chips’ on the toners, there is really no reason why the toner should not work perfectly in the HP laser printer. The one exception is for printing large volumes of sticky labels, some of the compatible toners may not adhere to the label material and not print correctly, if this is the case you should certainly discuss it with your toner supplier before you make the purchase.

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Get Reliable and High Yield Compatible HP CE505X Toner Cartridge

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We offer compatible HP CE505X laser toner that will print up to 6500 pages @ 5% coverage on paper. This compatible cartridges is ideal for everyday general purpose printing and can reduce your spending by 50% across a typical year against the original.

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Amazing Discount on HP CB 436A 2-Packs of Compatible Toner

Grab amazing 2 pack deal on HP CB 436A toner cartridge

Have you been looking for low cost toner for your HP printer? That can also reduce the printing expense to almost negligible without even compromising the printing quality. Check out PrinterInkCartridges’ amazing offer for 2 packs of HP CB436A and grab the compatible toners only at €44.28 (inc. VAT). Enjoy the ink volume of 2000 pages per cartridge.


High Quality, High Capacity HP 364 Compatible Ink Cartridges with 100% More Ink!

Enjoy high ink volume at multipack deal for HP 364XL 16 cartridge packAs one of HP’s most popular ink cartridges – used in over 50 HP printers, the HP 364 is in big demand across Ireland as a compatible ink cartridge. The high-quality compatible inks offer big savings against the original brand cartridges and come with the high capacity colour cartridges holding 100% more ink than the originals that means up to 100% more printing! The HP 364 ink cartridges come in four colours, black cyan, magenta and yellow and are among a select few cartridges produced by Hp that allow the user to replace individually. Up to now most of the HP printers, some listed below, would have 2 cartridges, one for black ink and one for colour.

HP Photosmart Plus All In One HP Photosmart Plus B209 HP Photosmart Plus B209b HP Photosmart Plus E
HP Photosmart Plus E All In One B210b HP Photosmart Premium Fax HP Photosmart Premium All In One HP Photosmart Premium C309
HP Photosmart Premium C309h HP Photosmart Premium C309n HP Photosmart Premium C310 HP Photosmart Premium E All In One
HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309c HP Photosmart Premium Fax E All In One C410b HP Photosmart B109n Wireless
HP Photosmart B109q Wireless HP Photosmart B110d Wireless HP Photosmart Cn245b Wireless

Also, in a step away from past ink cartridge types, the cartridges do not contain a printhead, the printhead is located in the printer. In many previous models the print head was located in the ink cartridge that meant that the cost of the cartridge was more expensive than HP’s competitor cartridges that produced a similar quality print. It also meant that in the past the non-original replacement cartridge could not be reproduced as a compatible but only as a remanufactured cartridge.

This entailed a once original cartridge being taken back to the factory and cleaned, repaired if necessary, refilled with ink, tested and boxed. One advantage to this type of ink cartridge was that each time you inserted the

cartridge you were using a new print head but the expense for the end user was too high and HP have seemed to moved to follow its rival manufacturers in the hope of bringing down the price of the cartridges. The compatible version of the HP364XL ink cartridge with it’s low price, in some cases as low as €2.94 per cartridge, combined with its extra ink has got to be one of the best buys of 2016 for those who own an HP printer.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/hp-364-high-volume-ink-cartridges/

HP CF280A toner Ideal for the Office or Home User

Buy High Capacity Compatible HP CF280A Toner CartridgeThe busier the home user or small office gets the more unaffordable the inkjet cartridge may seem to be becoming. Although, with the trend changing towards using the compatible non-genuine version of the inkjet cartridge, where the prices are a lot less than the original brand, for the busy office the inkjet printers are simply not quick enough. A good quality toner cartridge such as the HP CF280A will print up to 2700 pages @ 5% coverage (this means 5% coverage of the page and that normally means just text and not images). This black and white toner cartridge works with approximately nine HP Laserjet printers and will print 2700 pages at a rough cost of 3 cents per page when using an original brand HP toner. If you switch to a compatible version of the CF280A toner the cost will drop to around 1 cent a page!

This high performance laser toner is also available as a high capacity cartridge CF280X. This printer toner has a page print volume of 6900 pages. The cost of this toner cartridge per page can vary but with the original brand it will cost around 1.8 cents. If you choose to buy the compatible version of the toner cartridge it should average out at around 0.5 cents per page! These savings are too great to ignore and with no problems being encountered when it comes to compatibility with the HP printers there is really no reason to make the switch to compatibles. The quality of the print using compatible CF280A or CF280X is excellent as the printer toner is manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand.

With more and more businesses making the switch to non-genuine laser toners, the savings to be made on an ink and toner budget for a year is certainly significant. If a busy office in a solicitors’ office, school or college decides to change to using compatible printer toner they will certainly see the difference at year-end with regard to how much they would have spent in previous years to what they are spending now. Laser toner printing is not just for the office, a small business operating from home or a house with several children attending school may find it useful to have a laser printer as the speed by far passes that of an inkjet printer. The added advantage of the laser toner is that it will not to clog the print heads of the printer that can sometimes happen with an inkjet printer. The whole process of laser toner printing is completely different and seen as some as quicker and more convenient way of producing your prints.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/hp-cf280a-laserjet-compatible-toner/

HP 364 Compatible High Quality Ink Cartridges Now Available for as Little as €2.94 Each

Grab Amazing 16 pack deal on Compatible HP364 XL Ink CartridgeHP 364 compatible ink cartridges are now available online for as little as €2.94 each, on buying a 16 cartridges pack. High quality compatible HP 364 ink manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand inks offer. And, they are big savings for home and business users alike, when compared to any original brand ink . The ink cartridges work especially well for everyday general-purpose printing. they come with greater ink volumes than the original brand cartridges to offer exceptional value. The HP364 ink cartridge comes in two sizes, the standard and XL high capacity version. The high capacity version is by far the better value of the two and is also the most popular. The ink volume of the original brand high capacity colour cartridge is 7ml while the compatible version is a whopping 14.6ml that represents 100% extra!

The HP 364 ink cartridges work perfectly well in the HP Officejet and Photosmart printers listed below. The latest generation of these cartridges means there are very few compatibility issues.

HP Officejet 4610 HP Officejet 4620e HP Officejet 4622e HP Photosmart C6300
HP Photosmart C5380 HP Photosmart 5510e HP Photosmart 6510 HP Photosmart All In One
HP Photosmart B109c HP Photosmart B109d HP Photosmart B109q HP Photosmart B8550
HP Photosmart B8553      

All in all, if you combine the great price and the extra ink volume of the cartridges, it really is a no brainer that compatibles are the way forward. All reliable compatible HP ink cartridges are manufactured by third-party suppliers, these suppliers endeavour to achieve the same ISO standard as the original brand suppliers. Every cartridge is manufactured to a very high standard with the intention of giving the user, the reliability and consistency, they would expect from the original brand cartridge. The colour prints obtained from the compatible HP364 ink cartridge is fine for everyday general-purpose printing and will be hard to beat for value. On average, the cost of an online HP364XL black original brand ink cartridge is in the region of €20. With the compatible version available for as little as €2.94 the savings to be made over 12 months are too big to ignore.

All good online suppliers of compatible ink cartridges will stand over any sales with a money-back guarantee and offer a full backup if any issues do arise. It’s worth checking that the supplier will offer this service and give you peace of mind if you have any concerns about switching to compatible cartridges.

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/hp-364-ink-cartridges-with-multipack-offer/

Printing 2016 A4 Calendars Using a Colour Laser Toner Printer

Print your own customized 2016 calendar at low cost with HP or Brother tonerAs 2016 approaches, it’s still not too late to print a customised 2016 calendar, either for the home or the office. If you are in possession of a laser toner printer and, in particular, a colour printer, then printing the calendar yourself should be a fast and simple process. You will, however, need the services of a binder and this can usually be obtained in your local high street print or copy shop who will spiral bind the calendar for a small fee.

The key to printing your own calendar is to, first of all, download a suitable template from the many free online templates currently available. You can decide beforehand if you would like your printer to be A4 or A3 – if your printer will print that size. The beauty of using a laser printer is the speed of which you are able to produce any print whether in black and white or in colour. Of course, these printers will be more expensive than a conventional inkjet printer that is primarily used in the home or a small office. If you can get access to a laser toner printer, then so much the better. There would not be much point in buying a new one just for printing the calendar, as the cost would outweigh the usefulness of the printer for just that purpose.

The cost of using a toner to print the calendar would be minimal as some A4 sheets can be printed for less than half a cent per page in black and white. This is true in the case of HP laser toner and Brother laser toner. This cost is based on 5% coverage of the page – usually with text – and makes it far more affordable than using printer ink cartridges.

Once you have downloaded the calendar template (be sure to check the calendar dates are correct as there are some bogus calendar templates out there!) then it’s just a case of inserting the photo image in position – for example a January winter scene, this should be the first month sorted. Ideally if you have chosen the spiral-bound style you will need to print 13 A4 sheets one side on a light card. You can set all your artwork up first using the template and run them off quite quickly. Once you have all thirteen sheets printed, (there are thirteen by the way as you will require one scene for the cover and twelve pages for each month of the year). Your local copy shop will be able to spiral bind the calendars and this will give them a professional look. A huge tip to save on your printing is to use compatible laser toner where available, the quality is as good as original brand laser toner and you can save yourself a fortune!

Source: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/print-2016-calendar-with-hp-brother-toners/