My Printer will not Recognise my Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges what should I do?

Get Useful Suggestion to Fix Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges  Recognition Issue with PrinterSometimes when we insert a compatible or non-original ink cartridge into a Canon printer, it’s likely that the printer will detect this and give an error message to that effect. The message may be ‘non-original cartridge detected’ or non-original Canon cartridge detected’, either way it won’t let you proceed with printing.

The first thing you can do is remove the cartridge and try re-inserting it to see if the printer will recognise it, if it still not recoginise the cartridge then simply hold down the stop button (this is the button with the triangle inside a circle) for 5 seconds. This will disable the printer’s cartridge recognition facility and you should be able to print happily without any further interruption. It may be that the ink volume will not display after you have done this (although sometimes it will anyway) but that is a minor inconvenience when you weigh up the savings on the cost of the ink cartridges. If the printer says the cartridge is damaged or will still not recoginise the cartridge then remove the cartridge and gently wipe with a dry soft cloth the copper area for the cartridge (the ‘chip’) to remove any static that may have accumulated on it and re-insert to see if it will work.

The vast majority of the compatible Canon ink cartridges will work first time but on occasion you might have to try a bit of trouble-shooting to get it going. It’s also possible that the cartridge may be faulty so if you have tried all of the above suggestions then if you have a second cartridge then it would be time to try that. If you don’t have a second cartridge then contact your supplier to see if a replacement cartridge can be issued but make sure you make a note of the error messages that are coming up on the printer each time you insert the ink cartridges as this will help them identify what the problem is. If you are covered by a money-back guarantee then you will have no problem and you will find that the supplier will do all they can to resolve the issue for you but will refund the money to you (after the return of the faulty cartridge) if they run out of options.

All good online ink cartridge suppliers will do all they can to help and usually will resolve the situation and you will be happily printing with Canon compatible ink cartridges that didn’t cost the earth!


Lowest Cost Compatible Canon PGI550 Black Ink Cartridge in Ireland

Get High Capacity 5 Pack Canon PGI550 Compatible Ink Cartridges at only €31.92The Canon PGI550 black ink cartridge is one of six new Canon cartridges used in the latest Canon Pixma printer range. The high capacity black ink cartridge is used in over a dozen Canon printers and is now available as a low cost compatible ink cartridge. This is great news considering the cost of the original brand cartridge that can be bought online for around €15 with the non-original version costing around €6 when bought as set of 5.

The print quality of the compatible PGI550 black is fine for every day general-purpose printing but if you are looking for photo lab quality then you would be better to use the original brand cartridges. There will be a slight noticeable difference in the print quality if you were to directly compare the results of an image printed on an A4 glossy paper with a non-original compatible PGI550 black. But be honest, it is the same with any compatible ink cartridge, it all depends on what the end result is needed for. If it’s for school assignments, general office printing etc then the compatible ink cartridge gives perfectly acceptable results.

The other colours associated with the PGI550 Black are the CLI551 ink cartridges and they come in black, cyan, yellow, magenta and grey (some printers will not use the grey cartridges – check before you buy a pack with the grey included). Again, tests show that the print quality of the compatible non-genuine cartridges are fine and will provide good results. A typical set of compatible CLI551 ink cartridges online should cost no more than €35 and many online suppliers offer low cost next day delivery. The Canon printer may recognise the cartridges as non-original and may show an error message to this effect. If the message is more of a question than a statement, i.e. it will allow you to click OK then simply do so. If the message stipulates that the cartridges are non-genuine but doesn’t give an option to proceed by clicking OK, then simply hold down the stop button (usually a red triangle on Canon printers) for five seconds and then you can proceed.

The vast difference in the price of the original brand PGI550 and the compatible non-original version is so great that it has to be worth a try. Once you get the ‘hang of it’ and in some cases the Canon printer may disable the ink volume levels when you use a non-genuine cartridge the savings are too great to ignore.


Unbeatable Value Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink Cartridges Starting From €1 each, this Christmas

Unbeatable Christmas Prices for Compatible Canon CLI 521 Ink CartridgesThe very latest high quality compatible Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are now available online for as little as €1 per cartridge plus VAT with low cost delivery across Ireland and the UK. They comes with an ink volume of 9ml for each of the four colours; black, cyan, magenta, yellow and a whopping 19ml for the large black, these ink cartridges are certainly exceptional value for money.

These compatible ink cartridges will run smoothly in over a dozen Canon printers and are generally accepted by the same printers with no issues. Occasionally, when any Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are installed (original or compatible) the print quality may seem a little different with streaks or faded colours. This can be easily overcome by performing a head cleaning operation. The main reason for poor quality printing is blocked heads on the printer and there are usually two ways to overcome this, this will depend on the printer type and how you access the head cleaning facility.

For those printers with a control panel on the face or front of the machine then it will be possible to access the maintenance by selecting the arrow and scrolling to the maintenance tab. Next scroll or select head cleaning (this may be represented by a tool symbol). Select head cleaning and clean heads. This may take a few minutes and the printer will make a buzzing sounds as the ink is forced through the print heads in an attempt to clear any blockage that is causing the poor print quality. The option will then appear to print a test page, select yes or print test page and view the results to determine if another head cleaning procedure is necessary. It may be necessary to perform the head cleaning procedure 5 or 6 times if there is a stubborn head clog on the printer.

The option for those printers that do not have a maintenance interface on the front of the printer is to access the head cleaning procedure via your PC or laptop. The simplest way is to open any document and go to file>print>properties>maintenance>head cleaning. This will give the same result just a different way of accessing the head cleaning and head alignment procedures.

The Canon CLI 521 ink cartridges are ideal for replacing individual ink cartridges, for example, if the yellow cartridge runs out then you just replace the yellow and not the full set of five. The great value compatible non-original ink cartridges make printing affordable and cost effective at home and in the office.


Compatible Canon CLI-526 Ink Cartridges Outselling Original Brands by Two to One

Canon Ink Cartridges Save almost 100% over Original OnesLatest figures from the UK and Ireland suggest that sales of compatible Canon CLI 526 ink cartridges are out performing their original brand counterparts by two to one! Bearing in mind the extortionate prices that are being charged for the original brand ink cartridges it’s hardly surprising that many people have switched to using the compatible version. Printing has become a growing expense in the office and at home (it’s estimated that the average family now has at least 2 home printers compared to one or no printer at all 5 years ago).

In the past the quality or reliability of the non-original cartridges may have been an issue but with the compatible cartridges now being manufactured to the same ISO standard there is virtually no difference at all. The compatible Canon CLI 526 ink cartridges are ideal for everyday general purpose printing and come in packs of 5 cartridges; CLI 526 black, CLI 526 cyan, CLI 526 magenta, CLI526 yellow and PGI525 black. As with the original brand, the beauty of using the Canon compatibles is that you only have to replace one cartridge at a time as and when the ink runs out. The cartridges are available to buy online for as little as €1 each plus VAT and come with low cost next day delivery across Ireland and the UK.

Compatible cartridges in general are becoming more and more popular for both inkjet and laser toner printers. Savings gained by using compatible inkjet cartridges can be as much as 100% when compared to the original brand and this can make a huge difference to the print bill for the home user or small business.

The compatible CLI-526 ink cartridges work with the following inkjet printers

Pixma MX885 Pixma iP4850 Pixma iP4950 Pixma iX6550
Pixma MG5150 Pixma MG5250 Pixma MG5350 Pixma MG6150
Pixma MG6250 Pixma MG8150 Pixma MG8170 Pixma MG8250

These small home printers are ideal for everyday printing such as school home-work and boarding passes and very rarely give any issues with the non-original ink cartridges. Using high quality compatibles ink means also having the advantage of the cartridge holding more ink so not only is the cost lower but you are able to print more pages as well. It’s possible to purchase one of Canon CLI-526 printers for under €80 online and when combined with using the compatible ink cartridges the printer becomes very good value indeed.


Search Smartly for Ink Cartridges in Ireland by using Long Tail Search Terms

Search Online for Best Value Canon Compatible Ink Cartridges in IrelandUsing Google is still the best way to find replacement ink cartridges in Ireland. Searching online brings the best deals and by doing a ‘smart’ search the chances of finding the best deals are increased considerably. The ‘smart’ search involves knowing how to use the search engine most effectively. If you search the term ‘ink cartridges’ then you are likely to bring up all the suppliers of ink cartridges in Ireland and the UK, if you add the word Ireland to the search you will usually reduce the amount of results to those who are located in Ireland only. Try using a ‘long-tail’ search term, i.e. a phrase that incorporates the product you are looking for and also asks a question at the same time. For example, if you require a compatible Canon ink cartridge CLI526 Black, then use a broad search term such as ‘where can I find the cheapest Canon CLI526 Black ink cartridge‘. This will help Google match your results more accurately with your enquiry.

Original brand Canon inkjet cartridges are very expensive and finding good replacement non-original ink can be a difficult task. Many people are put off by horror stories of compatible and refilled cartridges on the market damaging their printer. A good quality compatible or remanufactured ink cartridge will not damage your printer and give perfectly good results for general every day printing.
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