Things to Consider When Choosing a Brother Toner or Inkjet Cartridges

Shop online for compatible brother toner and ink cartridgesWhen buying your Brother printer ink and toner, it’s important to know which ink cartridges are compatible with the printer that requires a replacement ink or toner? If you are not sure about which cartridge needs replacing it can prove very time consuming to locate the ink. Ink and toner are two very different products although many people would term printer toner as printer ink. A printer will either use ink or toner depending on the printer but neither of these products can be used in the other’s printer. Ink for a Brother inkjet printer and toner for a Brother laser printer.

To explain the difference between the Brother inkjet printer and the Brother laser toner printer we can look at the requirements of the printer for the user when considering the purchase of the printer. The function of the printer is the main difference to consider before purchasing the printer and deciding between laser toner and ink cartridges. The laser toner printer is more likely to be suited to the heavy user such as an office or business whereas the majority of the inkjet printers are suitable for normal home use. Once you understand the basic principles of using either printer type, you are not likely to get ink and toner confused. The next consideration is comparing the purchase price of the printer. The Brother laser toner printer will be more expensive than its inkjet counterpart but will greatly out perform its cheaper alternative. Brother Toner and ink cartridges are readily available at local office supplies stores across Ireland however shopping online will secure the best deals for Brother toner and ink.

Detailed Differences between Brother Toner and Ink

The physical size and weight of ink and toner cartridges differ considerably, both in terms of structure and contents. The main difference being that toner is powder and ink is liquid. A Brother toner and ink cartridge will print both text document and photos images but some printers will excel better at one than the other. As a rule of thumb Brother toners will produce fast results when printing black and white or colour documents and are ideal for the office or busy home user. The inkjet printer can produce black and white text documents printed using a Brother laser printer will be crisp and sharp, while the colour prints will be rich and vibrant but will lack the detail and punch that.

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Save Money by Using Compatible Premium Brother Toner in your Printer

Buy 4 pack compatible Brother TN2000 cartridges online at €79.95Using premium quality Brother toner can save a business hundred Euros and in some cases thousands of Euros each year. A premium quality Brother toner can offer savings upto 100% when compared to the original brand Brother cost. Quality may be an issue that some people may feel they have to consider when making a purchase of compatible printer toner. This is not the case with a premium Brother toner cartridge as they are manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand.

Price is the biggest difference between the two types of toner. If for example we look at a popular set of Brother toners such as the Brother HL 2050 mono printer that uses the Brother TN2000 toner cartridge. A four pack of the compatible toners currently retail for €79.95 online producing 10,000 pages @ 5% coverage. The cost of the same four toners as original Brother is currently €280! All compatible toners should also come with a money-back guarantee giving no risk at all to the buyer.

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Get High Yeild Brother TN1050 Compatible Toner Cartridge at Best Prices

Want to print large volumes of text content documents? Then, Brother TN1050 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge is ideal for you.

Shop Online for High Capacity Brother TN1050 Compatible Toner Cartridge

This compatible laser toner is made for both home and office uses and offers and unbelievably low printing expenses. With an average printing cost of less than 1 cents per page + VAT, without compromising the printing quality results, just as any original one.

So to take advantage of this amazing deal on Brother TN1050, and increase your office and home printing productivity.

Avail Incredible Multipack Deals on Brother LC1280XL Compatible Ink Cartridges

Multipack Deals that you wouldn’t want to MISS !! brings you the best 12-pack deals on Brother LC1280XL Compatible Ink Cartridges at just €27.05. This bundle deal includes cartridges of all four colour: black, cyan, magenta and yellow, and offers great savings compared to the originals. Without compromising on print quality. To grab this amazing deal visit our website.

Keep Printing cost Minimum this Year with Brother LC1280XL Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Grab the Unbeatable Deals for Compatible Brother TN3280 Toners

Amazing 2-Pack deals on compatible brother TN3280Trying to cut down your printing expenses this year??

Check out the high-quality compatible Brother TN3280 toners that have more ink volume than any original one, and will print up to 16,000 pages@ 5% coverage for less than 1 cent a page!

And, all these benefits for much lower cost than you could imagine. Check out the 2-pack deal at PrinterInkCartridges for these toners, only at €58.18 (Inc. VAT).



Printing 2016 A4 Calendars Using a Colour Laser Toner Printer

Print your own customized 2016 calendar at low cost with HP or Brother tonerAs 2016 approaches, it’s still not too late to print a customised 2016 calendar, either for the home or the office. If you are in possession of a laser toner printer and, in particular, a colour printer, then printing the calendar yourself should be a fast and simple process. You will, however, need the services of a binder and this can usually be obtained in your local high street print or copy shop who will spiral bind the calendar for a small fee.

The key to printing your own calendar is to, first of all, download a suitable template from the many free online templates currently available. You can decide beforehand if you would like your printer to be A4 or A3 – if your printer will print that size. The beauty of using a laser printer is the speed of which you are able to produce any print whether in black and white or in colour. Of course, these printers will be more expensive than a conventional inkjet printer that is primarily used in the home or a small office. If you can get access to a laser toner printer, then so much the better. There would not be much point in buying a new one just for printing the calendar, as the cost would outweigh the usefulness of the printer for just that purpose.

The cost of using a toner to print the calendar would be minimal as some A4 sheets can be printed for less than half a cent per page in black and white. This is true in the case of HP laser toner and Brother laser toner. This cost is based on 5% coverage of the page – usually with text – and makes it far more affordable than using printer ink cartridges.

Once you have downloaded the calendar template (be sure to check the calendar dates are correct as there are some bogus calendar templates out there!) then it’s just a case of inserting the photo image in position – for example a January winter scene, this should be the first month sorted. Ideally if you have chosen the spiral-bound style you will need to print 13 A4 sheets one side on a light card. You can set all your artwork up first using the template and run them off quite quickly. Once you have all thirteen sheets printed, (there are thirteen by the way as you will require one scene for the cover and twelve pages for each month of the year). Your local copy shop will be able to spiral bind the calendars and this will give them a professional look. A huge tip to save on your printing is to use compatible laser toner where available, the quality is as good as original brand laser toner and you can save yourself a fortune!


Compatible Brother LC1280XL High Capacity Ink Cartridges Printing More Pages for under €1.55 Each!

High capacity brother LC1280XL at prices as low as €1.55It’s estimated that the popularity of the Brother printers in general has doubled from this time last year, due to the reduction in the purchase price by large high street and online retailers. Brother decided to launch an alternative to combat Epson’s hold over the small all-in-one printer and grab a share of this lucrative market.

The LC1280XL is an interesting ink cartridge from an ink volume point of view, as it is high capacity cartridge and is designed to print large volumes of colour or black and white prints without the need to change as often as some of it’s Epson competitors.

The original brand ink volume Brother LC1280XL ink cartridge is 54.7ml whereas the non-original compatible version of the cartridge is 78ml! This is an increase of approximately 40% in ink alone and will go a long way to helping you print more documents for a fraction of the cost. While the initial purchase price of the Brother printers such as Brother MFC J6710D, Brother MFC J5910DW, Brother MFC J6510DW, Brother MFC J6710DW and Brother MFC J6910DW may be quite low, the cost of the original brand Brother LC1280 ink may cost you around €85 for a full set while you can buy a compatible version of the cartridge for as little as €1.55 each including the Vat with low cost next day delivery.

Some people may have doubts about the quality and reliability of the compatible Brother LC1280 ink cartridges but the simple truth is that they are fine for everyday general-purpose printing of documents and images. It’s fair to say that if you are wanting to produce quality photographic prints with particular attention to detail for the colour saturation then you may require the original brand Brother LC1280 ink but then you might as well opt for an Epson photo quality printer at the time you buy the printer.

The compatible LC1280XL are manufactured by a third party (not by Brother) and are tested to the same ISO standards as the original brand, so they meet the same standard that the customer would expect but without the high cost. While the Brother printers are relatively inexpensive to buy in Ireland these days the real pinch is felt when it comes to replacing the ink cartridges. The compatible version of any ink cartridge will always give better value than the original brand and has to be with considering as the cost of a ml of original brand printer ink exceeding that of a good quality champagne!


Compatible Brother TN1050 Laser Toner now Printing for Less Than 2 Cents Per Page

Shop for Compatible 2 Pack Brother Laser TonerThe Brother TN1050 toner is now available in compatible non-genuine form with an average printing cost of less than 2 cents per page + VAT. This cost is based on purchasing a 2 pack of toner cartridges, each cartridge prints up to 1000 A4 pages @ 5% coverage. This black toner is ideal for the office or busy home user that prints large quantities of text documents. Small office in particular will benefit from this reliable compatible TN1050 laser toner. It also has excellent print quality with consistent good solid blacks and high quality greyscale images. The compatible version of the toner will give the same results as the original brand Brother, the only noticeable difference being the cost.

The TN1050 printer toner is essentially used in the Brother printers listed below:

  • Brother DCP-1510 toner cartridge
  • Brother DCP-1512 toner cartridge
  • Brother DCP-1610W toner cartridge
  • Brother DCP-1612W toner cartridge
  • Brother HL-1110 toner cartridge
  • Brother HL-1112 toner cartridge
  • Brother HL-1210W toner cartridge
  • Brother HL-1212W toner cartridge
  • Brother MFC-1810 toner cartridge
  • Brother MFC-1910W toner cartridge

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Compatible Brother TN3280 Toner Prints up to 16000 Pages for Less than 1 Cent per Page!

Hard to believe but the latest high quality compatible TN3280 laser toner cartridges will print up to 16,000 pages@ 5% coverage for less than 1 cent a page!

Brother TN3280 toners offering high quality prints at minimumThe original brand Brother printer toner will print the same quantity but for a lot more money. Comparatively speaking, the non-original toner should be at least 50% less than its original brand counterpart but in some cases it can be much less than that. For example, the best online in Ireland price for a TN3280 toner cartridge is around €120 including VAT and delivery. It’s possible to pick up a good quality compatible TN3280 for around €30 including VAT if you buy a 2 pack on offer! The quality of the compatible laser toner is ideal for everyday use at home or in the office. This black and white toner is a particular favourite for the office that produces a lot of reports where speed and quality of the print are important.

It’s estimated that Sales of compatible printer toner have overtaken the sales of original brand toners in Ireland in the last two years as more and more businesses are making the switch. Laser toner printing is preferred to inkjet cartridge printing in the office as it offers fast print speeds and the laser printer is able to hold more paper than a conventional inkjet printer. There are several Brother mono laser printers that works well with TN3280 toner. Continue reading

High Quality Brother HL 2240 TN2220 Toner is Ideal for Use at Home or in the Office

Brother HL2240 TN2220 toners - best selling non original cartridgesThe Brother HL 2240 laser printer is a popular mono printer suited to either the office or the busy home user. Ideal for printing reports in black and white it’s recognised as being dependable and producing prints at a good speed of around 24 pages per minute. The HL2240 toner is a single black toner cartridge and is available in both Brother original brand and the non-original cartridges.

The high yield Brother TN2220 prints approximately 2600 pages @ 5% coverage, this will not include any images or blocks of print that will obviously decrease this estimated figure. This compact black and white printer will hold up to 250 sheets of paper in its tray and is easily a match in performance when compared to its larger rival models.

Many similar models in the same family use the same laser toner. For example, the HL-2270DW cartridges are also a Brother TN2220 although the performance of this printer outranks the HL 2240 in that it comes with both WIFI and network capabilities. The print speed of this printer is slightly faster at 26 pages per minute but boasts low energy consumption and will hold more paper.

As ever, the real consideration is the running costs of any printer and the Brother TN2220 replacement toner is exceptional value when the compatible version is chosen over the original brand cartridge. The HL-2250DN toner again is available as non-original cartridge and with it printing the same amount of pages as the original brand toner there are definitely big savings to be made. For example, on average the compatible replacement laser toner for Brother MFC 7360N cartridges is approximately 40% less than that of the original brand! That’s a big saving for any business to consider when you comprehend how much printing a busy solicitor’s office or a school or college may produce in one year.

As is with previous mentioned printer models, the Brother HL-2270 toner is also the TN2220 cartridge and again this toner is widely recognised as an excellent laser toner that will not give any issues as a replacement compatible toner. This laser toner has fast become one of the top selling replacement Brother toner cartridges of all time.