Things to Consider When Choosing a Brother Toner or Inkjet Cartridges

Shop online for compatible brother toner and ink cartridgesWhen buying your Brother printer ink and toner, it’s important to know which ink cartridges are compatible with the printer that requires a replacement ink or toner? If you are not sure about which cartridge needs replacing it can prove very time consuming to locate the ink. Ink and toner are two very different products although many people would term printer toner as printer ink. A printer will either use ink or toner depending on the printer but neither of these products can be used in the other’s printer. Ink for a Brother inkjet printer and toner for a Brother laser printer.

To explain the difference between the Brother inkjet printer and the Brother laser toner printer we can look at the requirements of the printer for the user when considering the purchase of the printer. The function of the printer is the main difference to consider before purchasing the printer and deciding between laser toner and ink cartridges. The laser toner printer is more likely to be suited to the heavy user such as an office or business whereas the majority of the inkjet printers are suitable for normal home use. Once you understand the basic principles of using either printer type, you are not likely to get ink and toner confused. The next consideration is comparing the purchase price of the printer. The Brother laser toner printer will be more expensive than its inkjet counterpart but will greatly out perform its cheaper alternative. Brother Toner and ink cartridges are readily available at local office supplies stores across Ireland however shopping online will secure the best deals for Brother toner and ink.

Detailed Differences between Brother Toner and Ink

The physical size and weight of ink and toner cartridges differ considerably, both in terms of structure and contents. The main difference being that toner is powder and ink is liquid. A Brother toner and ink cartridge will print both text document and photos images but some printers will excel better at one than the other. As a rule of thumb Brother toners will produce fast results when printing black and white or colour documents and are ideal for the office or busy home user. The inkjet printer can produce black and white text documents printed using a Brother laser printer will be crisp and sharp, while the colour prints will be rich and vibrant but will lack the detail and punch that.

How Brother Toner Cartridges Work

Decide whether to choose Brother toner or ink cartridgesBrother laser toner is made up of two main components – iron oxide and plastic resin. Laser printer doesn’t lay the toner on the paper in the same way the ink does – the process is completely different. The laser printer in the first instance will draw an electrostatic template of the image onto its rotating metal drum inside the printer. The technical process involved in printing a document involves the printer drum being covered in photosensitive material and begins with either a positive or negative charge followed by a very precise laser action altering the electrical charge in particular areas according to information fed from the computer. The next process involves the printer drum being coated in magnetically charged laser toner and the fine particles of toner only adhering to the areas where the laser printer outlined the image. Then the sheet of paper, which has also been magnetically charged, will pass the drum and draw away the toner. Finally, the printer fuser will set the image on the document by heating and melting the plastic particles.

How Brother Ink Cartridges Work

The technology of the inkjet printer is simpler to understand than laser printer. The Brother inkjet uses liquid ink with the cartridge being locked in an airtight compartment. The ink cartridge is installed into the printer and the ink transferred to the paper via a print head. The print head moves back and forth across the paper and creates the image in this way. The black and colour ink cartridges are normally replaceable individually depending on the printer.

Replacing Brother Toner Cartridges

The initial purchase price of the laser printer may prove expensive depending on the model purchased and whether it is colour or mono (black and white). While deciding on which type of laser printer to buy it’s worth considering the cost of the toner cartridge, as the running costs of the machine are vital to the cost of the printing. It is advisable when making the initial enquiries about the laser printer to discover if there is a cheaper alternative to original brand Brother toner, often referred to as generic, compatible or remanufactured toner. Basically this is laser toner that is not the original brand but  has either started life as a Brother toner or is a direct copy of the original brand toner.

Compatible Brother Toner

This is laser toner that has been produced by a third-party manufacturer (not Brother) without infringing the copyright of the original Brother toner cartridge. These toners are manufactured to ISO standard and produced in large volumes thus enabling the price to be kept low and is some cases as much as the 100% cheaper than the original brand Brother toner. The quality of the compatible laser toner will vary from supplier to supplier but generally the quality should not be too far away from the original brand Brother with a good quality compatible. Many businesses have made the switch from original brand toner to compatible in an effort to save money while not wanting to compromise on quality or reliability.

Compatible Brother Ink Cartridges

Compatible ink cartridges are more popular than laser toner due to the amount of home users that constantly want to reduce their printing costs and use the printers form more general-purpose printing such as text documents or boarding passes. Compatible ink cartridge are gain a direct copy of the original brand Brother cartridge but with some physical differences so as not to infringing the copyright of the cartridge. For this reason, the compatible cartridge may look slightly different to the original but it should still fit and work without any issues. There are compatible ink cartridges available now for almost every brand except for the more obscure and less popular printers.
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Print Speed and Quality

The laser toner will beat the inkjet printer hands down every time for print speed with large quantities of A4 sheets printed without the frequent reloading of the paper tray. This is ideal for the busy business, school or college. The inkjet printer is lagging far behind on the print speed and is further limited by the amount of paper it can hold in its paper tray. The laser toner is also faster drying than the inkjet printer ink and this has to be seen as a further advantage.

Buying Brother Ink and Toner Online

Buying Brother toner or ink cartridges online is by far the smartest way to shop for your ink and toner. Many good suppliers in Ireland are happy to reward repeat customers with discounts and treats. Online suppliers do appreciate your business and will email you with reminders from time to time in an effort to get you to make another purchase. It is worth considering registering with your supplier as a customer rather than buying as a guest as this will enable you to receive useful reminders about ordering your printer ink and will avail you of any discounts or offers that may be relevant to your printer. Finally, always ensure that your supplier will offer either full customer support or a money-back guarantee with their products to ensure there is little or no risk to you when you make the purchase.

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