Best Value OKI Laser Toner Cartridges with Money-Back Guarantee

High Volume 4 colour Oki C321DN Compatible laser Toner Cartridges at best Megapack DealOKI laser printers are among the most populars, now situ in many offices across Ireland, known for their reliability and productivity. After the initial purchase price of the printer the next thing to consider is the running cost. Laser printers, once reserved for only the busiest office have certainly come down in price and are used by the busy home user as well as in the workplace. The biggest advantage of the OKI laser toner printer over an inkjet printer is the low overall running costs, precise text print and its wonderfully fast print speeds. The inkjet printers are however, excellent for reproducing photographic prints.

For example, the OKI C321DN is a relatively low cost colour laser unit that uses printer toner. It’s a basic level printer with no multi-functions to speak of, (available online for around €180), but is ideal for the small business or home. Of course it depends what you are looking for in a printer; if you require duplex or a faster print out speed then you may opt for a high specific laser toner printer or switch to another brand such as Xerox or Hewlett Packard. Brother’s HL 4150CDN printer is also in the same category as the Oki as an alternative but while the text print quality is superior the image reproduction can be less than satisfactory. This has nothing to do with the quality of the printer toner, purely the specification of the printer.

The OKI C321DN printer is an A4 size printer and is network or USB connected (no WiFi available on this printer), it has a good size paper tray that will hold up to 250 sheets and is also compatible with Windows and Mac. The printer uses four colour laser toner cartridges, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Now here is the real cost effectiveness comes into play, if you opt to run the printer on compatible printer toners as opposed to the original brand OKI toner then you will make great savings on the running of the printer. The OKI C321DN black toner can produce 2200 A4 pages @ 5% coverage and the colour toners 1500 pages each at the same 5% coverage.

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The OKI C321DN can produce up to 22 pages per minute in black and white and 20 pages per minute in colour. It also comes with an ECO mode that will adjust the printer’s power consumption in an effort to reduce the printer’s carbon footprint. Finally, a good quality compatible OKI laser toner can save up to 100% on your toner bill and when you buy with a money-back satisfaction guarantee there is no real risk to the consumer.



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