Most popular New Year Resolutions for 2016

2016 is fast approaching and the most popular New Year resolutions are out in force. Colonic irrigation? Sounds painful but increasing in popularity in Ireland, taking out gym membership? – An oldie but still a favourite or just promising to binge-watch the latest box set favourites such as Breaking Bad or Homeland? Of course each year brings personal goals for many Irish people but the old favourite has to be losing weight and getting back in shape.

Make a list of Popular 2016 New Years Resolutions to get Realistic Target this Year

Once the holidays are over and the last of the turkey and ham is gone, what other ways are we pledging to be better people, and make a difference to our own and the lives of others? It’s true that old habits die hard and just a many people this year as last will say that getting fit is their number one priority. Top of the list of our New Year resolutions is to stay fit and healthy with losing weight coming a close second. Spending less money and trying to save more is also popular, closely followed by spending more time with family and friends. Lots of people promise to be more organized in 2016 and of course promise to travel more or indeed learn a new language in an effort to exercise their brain!

Comparing this years popular New Year resolutions with last year shows there’s no much difference in the choices of resolution but it’s interesting that most people who undertake to lose weight don’t actually follow a recognized weight loss plan. It’s certainly well documented that RTE’s Operation Transformation will be a big help to many thousands of Irish people who decide that this year they want to lose some weight and get some support while they are doing it. It’s thought that a lot of the issues with weight loss and diets in general are the fact that people continue to snack and undo all the good work they started. On top of this people are also using the latest smart technology to help improve and motivate their weight loss. Of course there is an app for almost everything these days and weight loss is no exception.

Apart from the very popular heart-monitoring apps, the latest trend is calorie trackers, complimented with energy bars and protein drinks. With apps available either for your smart phone or watch, there’s no getting away from the fact that there is no real excuse not to stick to your 2016 New Year resolution and reach a realistic target.



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