Is Non-Original HP CB436A Laser Toner as Reliable as the Original Brand HP?

Save up to 40% on Buying Compatible CB436A Laser Toner CartridgeAs one of HP’s most popular and biggest selling black laser toners, the CB436A is bought in the thousands weekly by small offices and home users across Ireland and the UK. This reliable good quality black toner serves many offices in Ireland as they print their way through reams and reams of reports and text documents. Many offices will run up quite a bill with HP laser toner and often wonder whether they should switch to a more economical compatible laser toner. In recent years there have certainly been doubts in the minds of home users and businesses about the using compatible or non-original cartridges as they are often referred to. Many people know they exist in the inkjet cartridge market but weren’t really sure if they were available for laser toner printers. Well, they have in fact been on the market for several years now and selling quite successfully too.

The HP CB436A toner is typical of the type of toner cartridge first cloned by third party manufacturers offering end users the opportunity to buy the same toner at 40% less than the cost of the original brand. There were many concerns among laser printer owners at first doubting whether it was safe to use them and if they would damage their printers. Certainly in the early days (many years ago) there would have been many poor quality CB436A (or 36A) as they are also referred to, on the market. These poor quality toner cartridges unfortunately gave the compatible market somewhat of a bad name and put people off buying them for a while. As the years have passed and the quality of the non-original HP laser toner has improved more and more businesses are using them and reducing their ink and toner bills by up to 50%!

A reputable Irish supplier is important and one that offers back up should you need it or require a replacement for a faulty printer toner as this will happen from time to time as it does with any original brand toner cartridge. The compatible CB436A laser toner cartridge should perform equally as well as the original brand and in some cases will produce more prints than the original as it has been filled to capacity where the original brand toner cartridge has not. For every day general purpose printing the compatible non-original CB436A toner should be ideal for any busy office or home user producing reliable good quality prints and saving on average up to 40% yearly on laser toner expenditure.



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