How to Overcome Problems When Changing from Original to Compatible Epson Expression T1811 Ink Cartridges

Get Best Multipack Deal on Compatible Epson Expression T1811 Ink CartridgesInitially when you change over, most likely your black cartridge first, you may get the ink status monitor showing an error with RED X over the black ink section. This will prevent your printing job taking place.

The software is detecting non-Epson cartridges and will be offering you opportunities to only use Epson ink. To resolve this issue, you can try the following actions:

  • If you still have it, replace the original Epson T1811 ink cartridge in the tray
  • Close the lid
  • Power down the printer, leave it off power for 2 minutes
  • Power up the printer
  • Raise the lid on printer so you can see the ink carousel
  • Press the ink button on front right (has a teardrop image)
  • The ink carousel will go to an arrow pointer in the middle of the track

This pointer tells you which cartridge to replace first. Replace this one now with the compatible cartridge. Wipe the chip area inside the ink tray and on your cartridge first.

  • If it black to be changed shake the black T1811 ink cartridge for a few seconds first.
  • Do not shake the other colours.
  • Now press the tear drop button again
  • If it goes to a second cartridge at the pointer, change this one as the first above.
  • Close the lid. Select a print job
  • Print

You can at this stage disable the INK STATUS MONITOR function on your printer.

Doing this will prevent the window appearing on your monitor telling you to buy Epson ink. Disabling this window before following the first procedure will mean you cannot print regardless. It’s recommended you do this for now, and only as and when you see a poor quality print taking place do you go back and re-set the software to identify which cartridge needs replacing and then follow the initial cartridge change as before exactly.

  • To disable the INK STATUS MONITOR first identify your printer on your system.
  • When you have the printer device on your screen, make sure it is the DEFAULT printer.
  • Right click on the printer icon. Go to Printing Preferences
  • Go to Maintenance on top column. Click on Extended Settings
  • Go to top right column Settings and click on the Tick at Enable Status Monitor 3
  • With tick removed the ink monitor is disabled, Click OK to Save

To re-instate the INK MONITOR follow the disable instructions and simply click the monitor setting to brink back the tick and save as before. When you select your next printer job the monitor will show you which cartridge needs replacing.

The above suggestions apply to all Epson Expression printers and in particular the XP205, XP305, XP405, XP322, and XP202 ink cartridges.



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