Limerick’s New Printer Ink Shop are proud to be the new online ink cartridge shop in Limerick. Now open and already we have a lot of new Limerick customers in the business and commercial sector, public and community organisations from schools to local charities and of course supplying many households in Limerick.

Best Offers on Buying Compatible Ink Cartridges in Limerick

Why Have We So Many Customers In Limerick?

We specialise solely in compatible and remanufactured printer ink in Limerick. If you are unfamiliar with compatible ink there are huge cost savings to be made in comparison to brand manufacturers like HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, Advent, Lexmark etc. In fact it can be as high as 50% particularly with HP, Epson, Brother and Canon.

We Have Reduced Customers Printing Costs By 50%

Numerous clients have approached us requiring help with their extremely expensive printing budgets. By re-evaluating their printing strategies we managed to cut the yearly spending costs by 50%. By reviewing the print volumes each client does on a weekly or monthly basis we can identify an appropriate printer and ink cartridges to use. There are literally hundreds of printers in the market and customers are not being sold the correct printers. Some printer ink shops in Limerick are recommending printers that require very expensive ink which unfortunately is a totally self serving practice and very unfair on the user. Businesses and home users are being crucified with high printing costs and believe they have no alternative because the printer was so expensive. The last thing they want to do is buy another printer.

The printer choice is one of the areas we have been helping customers with. A printer that can maintain low levels of cost, using ink that is reasonably priced. We can supply compatible ink cartridges a fraction of the cost of original brands like HP and Epson. When using compatible ink it is important that high quality ink is used. We use a premium brand that achieves quality similar to that of the original brands. And in some cases even better because the ink volumes are higher providing more ink in the cartridge which means more pages can be printed.

If you have recently purchased a new expensive printer with high ink costs it may feel like a burden. There are options here to rectify the situation. We can advised a new suitable printer. Ok you will initially have to buy a printer but this outlay will be considerably lower than your existing printer. On your second printer ink purchase you could be saving money as the difference in costs with ink cartridges in Limerick are so big. If the savings can be made this quickly imagine what you can save in one years supply. You can also attempt to sell or stock your old printer which may generate more money. So it is a win win scenario just by applying some common sense.

Contact us if you require any advice on how to reduce your printer ink budget or check our website to see some of the fabulous deals on offer. We actually offer some ink cartridges at 1 Euro per cartridge which is an incredible offer.



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