Compatible Epson T1281 Ink Cartridges becomes Most Popular All-in-one Black Ink

The Epson T1281 inkjet cartridge is fast becoming one of the most popular Epson inks on the market amount of the ‘small-in-one’ printer market. Typically, the Epson SX130 ink comes in four colours, T1281 black, T1282 cyan, T1283 magenta and T1284 yellow.

Benefits of the Epson T1281 compatible ink cartridgesThe original brand Epson T1281 has an ink volume level of 5.9ml that pales in comparison to the compatible version of the cartridge that contains 13ml of ink! This is a vast difference in ink volume and the difference in ink volume of the colour cartridge is even greater. The original brand ink volume of the colour cartridges is 3.5ml while the compatible version is typically 13ml of ink. This range of inkjet cartridges are used in more than 16 Epson printers which makes it one popular cartridge for home and small business users.

Buyers of the Epson SX125 ink cartridges are second in popularity next to the SX130 and while the originals purchase price of the printer may have been good value, buying original brand inks would not be a wise move economically. Apart from the big difference in the ink volumes between the original brand and the compatible version the price is also a major consideration. The compatible SX130 ink is typically 70% less than that of the original brand and the quality for everyday general-purpose printing is excellent.

The failure rate of the compatible or non-original cartridges as they are sometimes referred to, is less than 1%. Epson printers, in general, do not have any issues accepting the T1281 ink cartridges manufactured by a third party supplier or indeed any of the other colours.

The only noticeable difference between the original brand SX125 ink cartridges and the compatible version may be the lasting quality of the print. If you are printing images on a glossy paper and want to frame or keep them for a long period of time then you would be advised to sue the original brand cartridges. The pigments in the original brand T1281 ink cartridge will stay stronger for longer and will still look as good in 10 years time! However, this notwithstanding, the compatible T1285 ink cartridges are fine for standard normal printing of text and images at home and in business. Most offices or home users will be printing documents or maybe student’s homework where a decent print quality is acceptable and will be sufficient for their needs. Weighing up the difference in ink volume and cost of the cartridges the compatible version wins hands down every time.



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