Epson T1811 Ink Cartridge Outsells all other all-in-one Printer Cartridges

High Selling T1811 compatible ink cartridgeIt’s estimated that sales of Epson printers in Ireland have doubled in the last year alone with the release of several latest all-in-one printer editions. The latest range of Epson inkjet printers under the label Epson expression XP have enjoyed very successful sales due to the initial low cost of the printer. At this moment, there are twenty-one models of the printer, listed below are the most popular sellers in the High Street and online. XP-202 ink cartridges are the most sought after printer ink in this range of printers. They are closely followed in second place by the Epson XP-205 ink cartridges.

This popular range of printer uses four individual ink cartridges the most frequently used being the black Epson T1811XL ink cartridge. The other three colours are the T1812XL Cyan, T1813XL Magenta and T1814XL yellow. The cartridge are also known in by their abbreviated code of Epson 18XL. The high capacity T1811XL ink cartridge will print around 500 A4 pages at 5% coverage, (which essentially equates to a page of double line spaced text) obviously if you print colour images the page yield will decrease depending on the coverage of the ink on the paper. The Epson XP-305 ink cartridges will also print around 500 A4 pages at 5% coverage as well but again bear in mind the decrease in the number of pages if you are printing colour images.

The popular Epson Expression ‘small-in-one’ printers as they are commonly referred to are printer, copier scanners. This ability to print copy and scan together with individual ink replacement makes it a popular printer, as the expense of replacing an ink cartridge is not the same as that of a single or two-cartridge printer.

The added advantage is that tests have shown that the Epson Expression range of printers will readily accept the non-original version of the T1811 ink cartridge without any issues and this is where this range of printers comes into its own. The savings on the running costs with Epson XP-405 ink cartridges using a good quality compatible T1811 ink cartridge as opposed to a genuine Epson cartridge are enormous.

The cost of an original brand Epson T1811 cartridge in Ireland is approximately €18 whereas a high quality compatible version of the cartridge can be purchased for as little as €1 a cartridge, (when bought as part of a multipack) often with free delivery. This easy to use range of printers can be purchased for as little as €60 online and when used in conjunction with non-original T1811 ink cartridges it’s not hard to see why Epson Expression Home XP-322 ink cartridges has become one of Epson’s most popular range of printers and it’s cartridges the biggest seller.



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