I need to replace my printer, how do I decide the best printer for me?

Factors to consider before buying or replacing a printerIf your printer has given up the ghost and it’s time to find a replacement it can be a bit of a minefield with so many deals on the market at the moment. Many of the big stores offer top brands such as Canon and Epson for as little as €50! These are very often all in one, copier, printer and scanners and seem to be available at unbelievable prices. They certainly are great deals but very often when it comes to replacing the ink cartridges the buyer is in for a shock as very often the cartridges costs as much as the printer! Many people have been caught out with this sales tactic by the manufacturers and are very disappointed with the running cost of due to the high cost of an ink cartridge. How do you avoid being caught out with the high priced ink cartridges? Well the answer lies in the research and contact with a reliable supplier or website.

If you need to replace your printer decide on what type would best suit you, either inkjet or laser. The number of prints you produce will determine the type of printer you need. The laser printer uses laser toner and will print large volume prints either monochrome or colour and will print at fast speeds not available from an inkjet one. As a rule of thumb, if your are printing occasionally at home for items such as boarding passes or school work then an inkjet printer is probably your best bet but for a small office over very busy business then laser printer may be the way to go.

Again, the number of prints you are producing will determine the amount of money you will spend on an ink cartridge during the life of the printer and using original brand will greatly increase the cost of running them. Prior to making the purchase, once you have decided the type that suits your requirements the next step is to check the running costs. This will involve researching the cost of the ink or toner it uses and more importantly is there a non-original version of the ink cartridge available for that model. Checking with a trusted ink supplier will confirm if the printer you are about to purchase will be cost effective to run on compatible non-original cartridges and should prove to be an important factor when considering to replace your current end of life printer.

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Source: http://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/how-to-select-a-printer/


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