Microsoft Now Ireland’s Highest Exporters

Microsoft has been named as the highest exporting company in Ireland, taking over from Google who previously held the accolade, in 2015.

Increasing the turnover by 3 billion Microsoft performance has out performed it’s rivals with 1 billion to spur. This improvement can be seen right across the board with exporting figures continuing to climb over last few years. Signs that the economy is growing which will have a positive effect on employment opportunities in Ireland.

Microsoft leading Ireland’s export sector in year 2015

The exporting sector has been credited with the upturn in the Irish economy. After the property bubble burst in 2008, the economy was in freefall for a number of years. Multi national companies, like Google and Microsoft, investing heavily in Ireland, taking advantage of the light taxation laws, with up side of this creating more jobs and generating tax revenue for the country. Technology companies in particular have made base in Ireland with Dublin being crowned the tech capital of Europe.

Engineering business have seen a rise in the back of the multinational success. With more investment being made, which is feeding into infrastructure development. The service industry has also improved with more people working the services that go with this flourish. Food services like Cafe’s and restaurants. Business services like Solicitors, Accountants, Stationery, ICT benefit. Ink Shops in Ireland achieved growth in this period. Some Irish Ink online business have diversified their sales into the technology area. Laptops, Mobiles and PCs can be purchased on many of these websites. A practise we may see a lot more off with businesses trying to target other sectors where the demand and rewards are greater.



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