Dublin’s O’Connell Street Celebrations

Dublin celebrated Sam Maguire’s return to the capital county for 2015. A massive night of celebrations is starting with a welcome party on O’Connell street this evening.

Following their comprehensive 3 point victory over Kerry, all be it on the scoreboard, a huge crowd came out to the city centre to welcome Dublin’s Hero’s. Supporters turn out in their thousands and were greeted to nice dry weather following the horrible conditions that lasted right through Sunday’s All-Ireland decider. After a full years football picking up the O’Byrne Cup, National League and the Sam Maguire it was now time to party.

Dublin’s winning celebration at O’connell street

The stage was built on the top of O’Connell Street and the fans and players enjoyed the atmosphere. In fact, they were treated to some wonderful songs from the players which were quite impressive considering the long night on Sunday night. I’m quite certain there would have very little sleep and maybe a few drinks here and there.

As a result, there were some restrictions to accessing the city centre, with a lot of the main junctions and roads closed. The event began in upper O’Connell Street beside the Dublin Ink Shop before moving down O’Donnell Street past the GPO and the Spire. After the entertainment finished the team moved swiftly on the begin visiting all the clubs. Expected to run into the early hours of the morning the squad will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

So our congratulations to Dublin on their well deserved victory. They have demonstrated the best football over 2015, in the year that good football was in scarce supply.

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