The Tactical Battle – GAA’s Showpiece Dublin V Kerry

Let the rivalry begin or should we say recommence. Yes, Dublin v Kerry in the All-Ireland Final, the glamour team against the aristocrats, the two most successful teams of our generation.

Kerry with all the history, pedigree and experience going for two in a row. It has not been achieved since the great Cork team of the eighties. Larry Thompkins and co brought the Sam Maguire back to Munster two years running. Wouldn’t it be fitting if Corks great rivals were the next team to manage such a feat.

Dublin v Kerry in the All Ireland Football Final

Dublin aiming to spoil the party, of course, with the Hill 16 in full voice that 16 men could make all the difference.

Increasingly these big games are being decided by tactics. Both managers will analysis the opposition to fine detail. Kerry has proven they can win playing open football, but if things get nasty Kerry will not be found wanting. Ask Donegal in 2015 or Tyrone in 2015 semi final. The ability to play and win both ways make the approach that much harder for Dublin. Closing down space, keeping things tight against Kerry just won’t cut it. Kerry can adapt and will get scores from midfield and attacking half backs. So paying special attention to Kerry forwards like Gooch and co will only leave space for others.

We could say the same about Dublin. In 2014 free flowing football running big scores against all opposition. A joy to watch until Donegal came to Croke park and spoilt the party. Donegal ruthlessly exposed Dublin’s lack of cover in the half back area when the attacks broke down. However in 2015 Dublin have addressed this. They don’t commit defenders forward with same numbers. This exposes them less to counter attacks and it does not seem to diminish their attack as the high scoring has continued. The Mayo match should be proof of this. Both teams did set up defensively in both games, picking defence and looking to break quickly. The fact Mayo did push up on Dublin’s kick outs, preferring to have extra bodies in defence. Dublin past the test convincingly in the replay, a sign that they are ready for whatever strategy Kerry bring to the table.

2013 does come to mind, though, Kerry went man for man on Dublin kick-outs preventing Dublin from keeping possession. This made a big impact on the game and although Dublin won the tactic cause them a lot of problems. It will be a major surprise if the tactic is not repeated.

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Yes, tactics being order of the day. Who would bet against Eamonn Fitzmaurice the master tactician. Dublin supporters will for a start…. but will their players?

If you are going to the match on Sunday email us any photos of the action and we will publish next week on the blogs. For printing the photos you can purchase ink on our Dublin ink cartridge website online.



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