Where to Find the Best Value Back-to-School Ink Cartridges in Cork

Back-to-schoolBack to school means a lot of expense for every family but of course in the long run it’s not just the uniforms that cost money but the running expenses for the printer that will be in constant use during term time with printer ink taking up the bulk of the budget. Finding original brand ink cartridges in Cork that don’t cost a fortune is virtually impossible and, for this reason, more and more people are making a switch to compatible non-original ink cartridges. The prices are a lot more affordable and in many cases there is a lot more ink in the cartridges.

It’ easy enough to visit any ink shop in Cork and spend €60 on a set of 4 cartridges that might only last two or three weeks if there are some heavy users in the house, but if you can source some non-original ink cartridges online then you will be able to make savings on some cartridges of up to 70%! Many Epson, Canon and Brother compatible ink cartridges are available online with either free ink cartridges in great bundle deals or will be delivered free next day to Cork. The online bundle deals are the best around and are available from most good Irish online suppliers who keep good stocks of all the popular cartridges and can have then to you within a day or two with free delivery.

Most of the compatible non-original ink cartridges are filled to capacity unlike the original brand cartridges and will last a lot longer than their original brand counterparts. The size of the non-original brand cartridge is the same, but there will be some slight modification in the shape of the cartridge so as not to infringe on the copyright of the original cartridge. The cartridge will still fit in your printer and work giving you the same print quality for general everyday printing. If you have a photo image printer and you are printing a lot of photographic quality prints then you may want to give some thought to using the compatible cartridges as they might not give you the same photo reproductive quality that you would get from the original brand cartridge but they are great for everyday home or office printing and, of course, will give you great savings on your back to school budgets.

Source: http://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/best-value-back-to-school-ink-cartridges/


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