Where to Find Low Cost High Quality Non-Original Printer Ink Cartridges in Galway?

Find Bundle Deals on High Quality Compatible Ink CartridgesThe cost of original brand printer ink in Galway has increased in recent months due to a number of factors and has now overtaken the cost of champagne and Chanel No. 5 per ml! Original brand ink has now become unaffordable for most homes and businesses and as a result more and more people are switching to non-original compatible cartridges. It has been difficult to find good quality cheap ink cartridge in Galway and buying online seems to be the only alternative. Many online suppliers offer great prices on bundle deals with inkjet cartridges costing as little as €1 a cartridge! Competition online has encouraged many suppliers to offer better deals for their customers and many people seeking to buy ink cartridges in Galway can now get them delivered next day for free or at a low cost delivery.

It seems some people are still nervous about making the switch to non-genuine compatible ink cartridges but the simple fact of the matter is that the majority of compatible cartridges are now manufactured to the same ISO standard as the original brand cartridges. There are basically two types of non-original ink cartridges, compatible and remanufactured.

The compatible cartridges are basically a clone of the original cartridge and are manufactured without infringing the copyright of the original cartridge. These are brand new cartridges packaged and sold as new but up to 70% cheaper than the original brand cartridge. These cartridges will work with the printer that has the print head located in the printer (as opposed to the cartridge), and will generally have individual colours such as black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Some of the photo image printers will have additional colours such as light magenta, light cyan or photo black.

The remanufactured ink cartridge has the print head located in the ink cartridge and is generally speaking more expensive than it’s compatible counterpart. In effect every time you replace a remanufactured ink you are replacing the print head in your printer. The advantage with using this type of cartridge is that you will get good quality prints every time but it’s unlikely that you will realise where the printer heads are located when you are buying the printer. A good place to start when buying a new printer is to research the cost of a replacement cartridge in Galway and make it an important factor when finally deciding on the printer you buy. The cost of a Galway ink cartridge need not cost the earth if you do your homework before purchasing your printer and buy your ink cartridges online taking advantage of all the great deals out there.

Source: http://printerinkcartridges.ie/blog/super-saving-deals-for-ink-cartridges/


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