Where to Find the Best Value HP364 Compatible Ink Cartridges in Cork

Click Here to Order for your Best Value HP364XL Compatible Ink Cartridges Multipacks available only for €18.99 +VAT and Get a FREE CartridgeGood quality compatible ink cartridges in Cork are certainly in demand more than ever and the HP 364 cartridges in particular. Any good ink shop in Cork will stock the compatible version of the HP364 at a cheaper price than the original brand HP but how will the prices compare with those online offering free next day delivery? The non-original HP 364XL (high capacity) cartridge is available online for €18.99 +VAT with an additional FREE ink cartridge in the colour of your choice! Now that’s what we call unbeatable value!

The HP 364 ink works with almost 50 different HP printers and so has become one of HP’s all time biggest cartridge sellers. Demand for these ink cartridges is high and more and more customers are turning to online buying in an effort to save money and capitalise on the free ink cartridges on offer.

The quality of the compatible HP 364 ink cartridges is ideal for business and home users alike. The non-original HP cartridges are manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand as the manufacturers strive to maintain the quality and reliability of the cartridges. All good online suppliers will guarantee the products they sell and reassure customers that in the event of any issues they will do their utmost to sort it out. If there are any doubts about making the switch from original cartridges to compatible non-original then the money-back guarantee should go some way to allay any fears.

In most cases though, the printer will recognize that the cartridges are non-genuine and will display that in the printer window and a simple click on OK should be enough to allow the printer to resume printing. There are some printers that will only work with the very latest version of the HP 364 non-original cartridges. In recent times HP have offered Firmware downloads to improve the operational quality of the printer and this may have included software that may give problems to some users of earlier version of the cartridge. It’s best to check with your ink shop in Cork if these non-original versions of the cartridge are up to date and will work with your printer. Overall the savings financially by using the compatible version of the HP364 far outweigh any issues or comparison on quality you may find. The non-original cartridges are fine for everyday use and their use is widespread across Ireland and the UK.

First Published at printerinkcartridges.ie


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