I am buying a new printer but don’t know whether to choose Inkjet or Laser Toner

Decide whether to Choose Inkjet or Laser Toner CartridgesIf you are looking to change your printer at work or at home either to update or replace one that has reached end of life, it can be tricky to decide should you stay with an inkjet printer or move to laser toner. Basically, the inkjet printer uses liquid ink that is sprayed through the nozzle in the printer and uses and ink cartridge, whereas the laser toner cartridge comes filled with a dry powder substance that is referred to as toner. printer have their advantages and hopefully we can look at some of the differences here.

There are several things you should consider before choosing you printer for example do you need monochrome or colour? Will you be printing mostly black and white text or high-resolution colour images? If you need to print invoices, statements in black and white then a monochrome laser printer will suffice. Alternatively if you are printing colour images on a regular basis as part of a leaflet or publication then a colour printer would suit and possibly a laser printer if the quantities you intend to print justify the cost. The function of the printer is also important as you may need to scan or copy, an all-in-one printer is ideal for this. If you would like to print remotely you will require a wireless printer so make sure that function is available on the printer you choose.

The inkjet cartridge or laser toner cartridge vary in cost with the laser toner being considerably more expensive than the inkjet cartridge. The laser toner will print more copies and is generally faster and more suited to the office or heavy home user. It is possible to obtain good quality non-genuine compatible ink cartridge and laser toner cartridges and this will help keep the cost of printing down going forward. Most printers will use A4 paper although you would have to choose a specific model if you wanted to print A3 size. If you are working out of a busy office then you may require a multi-purpose tray that will accept paper and envelopes. It’s always best to check the printer’s specifications to find out what the heaviest weight of paper it will print on in case you need to print report covers etc. Also the capacity to be able to load large amounts of paper may be relevant to a busy office so check this out in the spec too.

Once you have decided the type of printer that suits your needs, calculate the running costs of the printer using original manufactured and non-genuine compatible ink cartridges. This will be the biggest single cost factor following the initial purchase of the printer. A good way to check is to list the printer you are interested in then contact your online ink cartridge supplier and find out if the compatible cartridges are available for the model you are buying.

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